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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Diptera, Syrphidae, Asarkina
Asarkina assimilis, Asarkina consequens, Asarkina ericetorum, Asarkina eurytaeniata, Asarkina fumipennis, Asarkina incompleta, Asarkina laticornis, Asarkina nigripes, Asarkina orientalis, Asarkina porcina, Asarkina rufofasciata, Asarkina salviae, Asarkina hulleyi, Asarkina africana, Asarkina albifacies, Asarkina amoena, Asarkina angustata, Asarkina angustofasciata, Asarkina clara, Asarkina eremophila, Asarkina fiorii, Asarkina fulva, Asarkina gemmata, Asarkina grapta, Asarkina hirsuticeps, Asarkina liberia, Asarkina macropyga, Asarkina madecassa, Asarkina medjensis, Asarkina minor, Asarkina nigrolata, Asarkina permixta, Asarkina punctifrons, Asarkina rostrata, Asarkina silvicola, Asarkina tenebricosa, Asarkina bigoti, Asarkina biroi, Asarkina longirostris, Asarkina morokaensis, Asarkina ribbei, Asarkina oceanica, Asarkina papuana, Asarkina ayyari, Asarkina bhima, Asarkina belli, Asarkina pitamara, Asarkina hema