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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Arachnida, Araneae, Salticidae, Phlegra
Phlegra gagnoa, Phlegra touba, Phlegra atra, Phlegra langanoensis, Phlegra solitaria, Phlegra certa, Phlegra sierrana, Phlegra fasciata, Phlegra cinereofasciata, Phlegra fulvotrilineata, Phlegra fulviventris, Phlegra procera, Phlegra karoo, Phlegra arborea, Phlegra carinata, Phlegra swanii, Phlegra moesta, Phlegra logunovi, Phlegra msilana, Phlegra nitidiventris, Phlegra mirabilis, Phlegra micans, Phlegra memorialis, Phlegra lugubris, Phlegra obscurimagna, Phlegra soudanica, Phlegra palestinensis, Phlegra lineata, Phlegra levyi, Phlegra levis, Phlegra kulczynskii, Phlegra jacksoni, Phlegra imperiosa, Phlegra hentzi, Phlegra loripes, Phlegra nuda, Phlegra pori, Phlegra particeps, Phlegra parvula, Phlegra insulana, Phlegra desquamata, Phlegra semipullata, Phlegra thibetana, Phlegra theseusi, Phlegra tetralineata, Phlegra suaverubens, Phlegra stephaniae, Phlegra sogdiana, Phlegra simplex, Phlegra shulovi, Phlegra tristis, Phlegra sapphirina, Phlegra samchiensis, Phlegra rothi, Phlegra rogenhoferi, Phlegra pusilla, Phlegra proxima, Phlegra profuga, Phlegra simoni, Phlegra pisarskii, Phlegra tillyae, Phlegra etosha, Phlegra yuzhongensis, Phlegra yaelae, Phlegra varia, Phlegra v-epigynalis, Phlegra fulvastra, Phlegra bifurcata, Phlegra ferberorum, Phlegra dunini, Phlegra dimentmani, Phlegra crumena, Phlegra chrysops, Phlegra bresnieri, Phlegra bicognata, Phlegra bairstowi, Phlegra andreevae, Phlegra amitaii, Phlegra albostriata, Phlegra abessinica, Phlegra caboverdensis, Phlegra flavipes, Phlegra tenella