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Catalogue of Life
Plantae, Tracheophyta, Magnoliopsida, Lamiales, Lamiaceae, Callicarpa
Callicarpa americana, Callicarpa formosana, Callicarpa ampla, Callicarpa japonica, Callicarpa dichotoma, Callicarpa lamii, Callicarpa candicans, Callicarpa basitruncata, Callicarpa cathayana, Callicarpa salicifolia, Callicarpa anisophylla, Callicarpa rubella, Callicarpa yunnanensis, Callicarpa loboapiculata, Callicarpa pauciflora, Callicarpa hypoleucophylla, Callicarpa longipes, Callicarpa randaiensis, Callicarpa remotiserrulata, Callicarpa giraldii, Callicarpa longissima, Callicarpa pilosissima, Callicarpa integerrima, Callicarpa siongsaiensis, Callicarpa macrophylla, Callicarpa bodinieri, Callicarpa acutifolia, Callicarpa hungtaii, Callicarpa pseudorubella, Callicarpa prolifera, Callicarpa membranacea, Callicarpa luteopunctata, Callicarpa kwangtungensis, Callicarpa poilanei, Callicarpa lingii, Callicarpa gracilipes, Callicarpa longibracteata, Callicarpa dentosa, Callicarpa nudiflora, Callicarpa minutiflora, Callicarpa kochiana, Callicarpa pingshanensis, Callicarpa longifolia, Callicarpa oligantha, Callicarpa kotoensis, Callicarpa erythrosticta, Callicarpa brevipes, Callicarpa peichieniana, Callicarpa collina, Callicarpa arborea, Callicarpa tingwuensis