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Catalogue of Life
Plantae, Tracheophyta, Magnoliopsida, Ericales, Primulaceae, Lysimachia
Lysimachia barystachys, Lysimachia clethroides, Lysimachia fraseri, Lysimachia commixta, Lysimachia lydgatei, Lysimachia remyi, Lysimachia radicans, Lysimachia vulgaris, Lysimachia thyrsiflora, Lysimachia quadrifolia, Lysimachia punctata, Lysimachia nummularia, Lysimachia ciliata, Lysimachia mauritiana, Lysimachia verticillata, Lysimachia hybrida, Lysimachia asperulifolia, Lysimachia quadriflora, Lysimachia kalalauensis, Lysimachia japonica, Lysimachia loomisii, Lysimachia lanceolata, Lysimachia glutinosa, Lysimachia forbesii, Lysimachia terrestris, Lysimachia daphnoides, Lysimachia radfordii, Lysimachia graminea, Lysimachia filifolia, Lysimachia hillebrandii, Lysimachia venosa, Lysimachia tonsa, Lysimachia producta, Lysimachia maxima, Lysimachia scopulensis, Lysimachia iniki, Lysimachia pendens, Lysimachia maritima, Lysimachia paridiformis, Lysimachia orbicularis, Lysimachia peduncularis, Lysimachia fordiana, Lysimachia tsarongensis, Lysimachia chingshuiensis, Lysimachia tsaii, Lysimachia prolifera, Lysimachia pseudohenryi, Lysimachia shimianensis, Lysimachia filipes, Lysimachia linguiensis, Lysimachia glaucina, Lysimachia kwangtungensis, Lysimachia klattiana, Lysimachia chapaensis, Lysimachia congestiflora, Lysimachia fortunei, Lysimachia debilis, Lysimachia vittiformis, Lysimachia huitsunae, Lysimachia medogensis, Lysimachia otophora, Lysimachia tengyuehensis, Lysimachia grandiflora, Lysimachia carinata, Lysimachia melampyroides, Lysimachia ardisioides, Lysimachia pentapetala, Lysimachia tienmushanensis, Lysimachia nanpingensis, Lysimachia roseola, Lysimachia cordifolia, Lysimachia candida, Lysimachia racemiflora, Lysimachia pteranthoides, Lysimachia fooningensis, Lysimachia chikungensis, Lysimachia nutantiflora, Lysimachia hemsleyi, Lysimachia rubiginosa, Lysimachia silvestrii, Lysimachia brittenii, Lysimachia fistulosa, Lysimachia dushanensis, Lysimachia saxicola, Lysimachia physaloides, Lysimachia davurica, Lysimachia lobelioides, Lysimachia pterantha, Lysimachia ophelioides, Lysimachia omeiensis, Lysimachia heterogenea, Lysimachia evalvis, Lysimachia albescens, Lysimachia rupestris, Lysimachia rubinervis, Lysimachia foenum-graecum, Lysimachia taliensis, Lysimachia lichiangensis, Lysimachia hemsleyana, Lysimachia gesnerioides, Lysimachia glanduliflora, Lysimachia lancifolia, Lysimachia crista-galli, Lysimachia auriculata, Lysimachia siamensis, Lysimachia liui, Lysimachia millietii, Lysimachia platypetala, Lysimachia nanchuanensis, Lysimachia heterobotrys, Lysimachia stenosepala, Lysimachia insignis, Lysimachia henryi, Lysimachia engleri, Lysimachia crispidens, Lysimachia chungdienensis, Lysimachia petelotii, Lysimachia navillei, Lysimachia circaeoides, Lysimachia robusta, Lysimachia aspera, Lysimachia inaperta, Lysimachia wilsonii, Lysimachia grammica, Lysimachia stellarioides, Lysimachia fukienensis, Lysimachia pumila, Lysimachia reflexiloba, Lysimachia brachyandra, Lysimachia alfredii, Lysimachia jiangxiensis, Lysimachia alpestris, Lysimachia decurrens, Lysimachia jingdongensis, Lysimachia punctatilimba, Lysimachia excisa, Lysimachia cauliflora, Lysimachia remota, Lysimachia erosipetala, Lysimachia yingdeensis, Lysimachia tianyangensis, Lysimachia pittosporoides, Lysimachia lychnoides, Lysimachia biflora, Lysimachia chekiangensis, Lysimachia stigmatosa, Lysimachia subverticellata, Lysimachia phyllocephala, Lysimachia scapiflora, Lysimachia longipes, Lysimachia chenopodioides, Lysimachia drymarifolia, Lysimachia capillipes, Lysimachia crassifolia, Lysimachia sciadophylla, Lysimachia patungensis, Lysimachia microcarpa, Lysimachia baoxingensis, Lysimachia delavayi, Lysimachia parvifolia, Lysimachia miyiensis, Lysimachia sciadantha, Lysimachia laxa, Lysimachia pseudotrichopoda, Lysimachia trichopoda, Lysimachia perfoliata, Lysimachia violascens, Lysimachia breviflora, Lysimachia christiniae