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Catalogue of Life
Plantae, Tracheophyta, Magnoliopsida, Lamiales, Lamiaceae, Stachys
Stachys bigelovii, Stachys albens, Stachys rothrockii, Stachys pycnantha, Stachys drummondii, Stachys ajugoides, Stachys bullata, Stachys chamissonis, Stachys mexicana, Stachys longispicata, Stachys stricta, Stachys byzantina, Stachys sylvatica, Stachys recta, Stachys germanica, Stachys cretica, Stachys palustris, Stachys aspera, Stachys hyssopifolia, Stachys sieboldii, Stachys pilosa, Stachys coccinea, Stachys hispida, Stachys crenata, Stachys cordata, Stachys clingmanii, Stachys tenuifolia, Stachys annua, Stachys arvensis, Stachys rigida, Stachys floridana, Stachys ocymastrum, Stachys officinalis, Stachys macrantha, Stachys stebbinsii, Stachys bergii, Stachys eplingii, Stachys iltisii, Stachys latidens, Stachys adulterina, Stachys taliensis, Stachys baicalensis, Stachys japonica, Stachys kouyangensis, Stachys melissifolia, Stachys strictiflora, Stachys arrecta, Stachys pseudophlomis, Stachys geobombycis, Stachys lanata, Stachys oblongifolia, Stachys xanthantha, Stachys chinensis