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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Chordata, Aves, Columbiformes, Columbidae, Ducula
Ducula aenea, Ducula badia, Ducula bakeri, Ducula basilica, Ducula bicolor, Ducula brenchleyi, Ducula carola, Ducula chalconota, Ducula cineracea, Ducula concinna, Ducula finschii, Ducula forsteni, Ducula galeata, Ducula goliath, Ducula lacernulata, Ducula latrans, Ducula melanochroa, Ducula mindorensis, Ducula mullerii, Ducula myristicivora, Ducula oceanica, Ducula pacifica, Ducula perspicillata, Ducula pickeringii, Ducula pinon, Ducula pistrinaria, Ducula poliocephala, Ducula radiata, Ducula rubricera, Ducula rufigaster, Ducula whartoni, Ducula zoeae, Ducula aurorae, Ducula constans, Ducula rosacea