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Catalogue of Life
Plantae, Tracheophyta, Magnoliopsida, Saxifragales, Grossulariaceae, Ribes
Ribes tularense, Ribes lacustre, Ribes lobbii, Ribes viburnifolium, Ribes leptanthum, Ribes binominatum, Ribes mescalerium, Ribes orientale, Ribes sericeum, Ribes indecorum, Ribes glandulosum, Ribes lasianthum, Ribes marshallii, Ribes pinetorum, Ribes quercetorum, Ribes velutinum, Ribes victoris, Ribes nevadense, Ribes watsonianum, Ribes rubrum, Ribes uva-crispa, Ribes nigrum, Ribes oxyacanthoides, Ribes cynosbati, Ribes alpinum, Ribes gordonianum, Ribes niveum, Ribes stenocarpum, Ribes meyeri, Ribes rotundifolium, Ribes hirtellum, Ribes americanum, Ribes missouriense, Ribes viscosissimum, Ribes speciosum, Ribes sanguineum, Ribes aureum, Ribes laxiflorum, Ribes menziesii, Ribes roezlii, Ribes inerme, Ribes malvaceum, Ribes curvatum, Ribes canthariforme, Ribes petraeum, Ribes californicum, Ribes montigenum, Ribes amarum, Ribes utile, Ribes latifolium, Ribes sardoum, Ribes burejense, Ribes acerifolium, Ribes diacanthum, Ribes triste, Ribes thacherianum, Ribes hudsonianum, Ribes wolfii, Ribes cereum, Ribes divaricatum, Ribes bracteosum, Ribes erythrocarpum, Ribes multiflorum, Ribes spicatum, Ribes echinellum, Ribes pulchellum, Ribes henryi, Ribes viridiflorum, Ribes kialanum, Ribes fuyunense, Ribes takare, Ribes saxatile, Ribes himalense, Ribes horridum, Ribes tianquanense, Ribes franchetii, Ribes moupinense, Ribes formosanum, Ribes reclinatum, Ribes tenue, Ribes altissimum, Ribes davidii, Ribes griffithii, Ribes setchuense, Ribes soulieanum, Ribes maximowiczii, Ribes glabricalycinum, Ribes aciculare, Ribes qingzangense, Ribes gyirongense, Ribes hunanense, Ribes giraldii, Ribes heterotrichum, Ribes glabrifolium, Ribes rubrisepalum, Ribes laciniatum, Ribes menyuanense, Ribes glaciale, Ribes longiracemosum, Ribes pseudofasciculatum, Ribes vilmorinii, Ribes humile, Ribes maximowiczianum, Ribes luridum, Ribes palczewskii, Ribes mandshuricum, Ribes xizangense, Ribes procumbens, Ribes alpestre, Ribes fasciculatum, Ribes laurifolium, Ribes fargesii, Ribes komarovii