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Catalogue of Life
Plantae, Tracheophyta, Magnoliopsida, Lamiales, Acanthaceae, Justicia
Justicia comata, Justicia androsaemifolia, Justicia wrightii, Justicia pectoralis, Justicia carthagenensis, Justicia periplocifolia, Justicia adhatoda, Justicia betonica, Justicia mirabiloides, Justicia carnea, Justicia runyonii, Justicia culebritae, Justicia secunda, Justicia sphaerosperma, Justicia warnockii, Justicia americana, Justicia spicigera, Justicia angusta, Justicia martinsoniana, Justicia californica, Justicia crassifolia, Justicia pilosella, Justicia candicans, Justicia tobagensis, Justicia ovata, Justicia longii, Justicia turneri, Justicia cooleyi, Justicia veracruzana, Justicia sonorae, Justicia brandegeeana, Justicia latiflora, Justicia loheri, Justicia quadrifaria, Justicia gendarussa, Justicia vasculosa, Justicia simplex, Justicia khasiana, Justicia hainanensis, Justicia demissa, Justicia pseudospicata, Justicia austrosinensis, Justicia amblyosepala, Justicia kouytcheensis, Justicia ventricosa, Justicia yunnanensis, Justicia diffusa, Justicia acutangula, Justicia buxifolia, Justicia championi, Justicia alboviridis, Justicia xylopoda, Justicia prostrata, Justicia xantholeuca, Justicia xerophila, Justicia kampotiana, Justicia patentiflora, Justicia panduriformis, Justicia xerobatica, Justicia brandegeana, Justicia ferruginea, Justicia albovelata, Justicia kwangsiensis, Justicia multinodis, Justicia microdonta, Justicia siccanea, Justicia neolinearifolia, Justicia austroguanxiensis, Justicia cardiophylla, Justicia procumbens, Justicia wardii, Justicia vagabunda