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Catalogue of Life
Plantae, Tracheophyta, Magnoliopsida, Dipsacales, Caprifoliaceae, Lonicera
Lonicera oblongifolia, Lonicera morrowii, Lonicera interrupta, Lonicera heterophylla, Lonicera ferdinandi, Lonicera tatsienensis, Lonicera standishii, Lonicera conjugialis, Lonicera caerulea, Lonicera dioica, Lonicera periclymenum, Lonicera sempervirens, Lonicera tatarica, Lonicera caprifolium, Lonicera xylosteum, Lonicera alpigena, Lonicera nervosa, Lonicera gracilipes, Lonicera reticulata, Lonicera ruprechtiana, Lonicera utahensis, Lonicera etrusca, Lonicera flava, Lonicera korolkowii, Lonicera xylosteoides, Lonicera japonica, Lonicera bella, Lonicera minutiflora, Lonicera notha, Lonicera subspicata, Lonicera fragrantissima, Lonicera ciliosa, Lonicera maackii, Lonicera chrysantha, Lonicera floribunda, Lonicera praeflorens, Lonicera arizonica, Lonicera demissa, Lonicera saccata, Lonicera heckrottii, Lonicera albiflora, Lonicera hirsuta, Lonicera pileata, Lonicera acuminata, Lonicera nitida, Lonicera involucrata, Lonicera villosa, Lonicera maximowiczii, Lonicera salicifolia, Lonicera hispidula, Lonicera canadensis, Lonicera trichosantha, Lonicera elisae, Lonicera oblata, Lonicera tomentella, Lonicera rupicola, Lonicera altmannii, Lonicera fragilis, Lonicera oiwakensis, Lonicera prostrata, Lonicera subhispida, Lonicera calvescens, Lonicera ferruginea, Lonicera pampaninii, Lonicera tragophylla, Lonicera trichosepala, Lonicera retusa, Lonicera brevisepala, Lonicera modesta, Lonicera crassifolia, Lonicera minutifolia, Lonicera ligustrina, Lonicera spinosa, Lonicera anisocalyx, Lonicera cyanocarpa, Lonicera albertii, Lonicera bournei, Lonicera longiflora, Lonicera fulvotomentosa, Lonicera virgultorum, Lonicera semenovii, Lonicera oreodoxa, Lonicera gynochlamydea, Lonicera nigra, Lonicera humilis, Lonicera macranthoides, Lonicera graebneri, Lonicera ciliosissima, Lonicera nubium, Lonicera longituba, Lonicera stephanocarpa, Lonicera webbiana, Lonicera litangensis, Lonicera microphylla, Lonicera mucronata, Lonicera hemsleyana, Lonicera tricalysioides, Lonicera tangutica, Lonicera cinerea, Lonicera sublabiata, Lonicera kawakamii, Lonicera minuta, Lonicera tatarinowii, Lonicera ferdinandii, Lonicera hildebrandiana, Lonicera setifera, Lonicera hypoglauca, Lonicera kansuensis, Lonicera yunnanensis, Lonicera macrantha, Lonicera similis, Lonicera myrtillus, Lonicera carnosifolia, Lonicera dasystyla, Lonicera serreana, Lonicera hispida, Lonicera calcarata, Lonicera jilongensis, Lonicera buddleioides, Lonicera lanceolata, Lonicera subaequalis, Lonicera inodora, Lonicera confusa, Lonicera buchananii, Lonicera rhytidophylla, Lonicera fargesii, Lonicera tubuliflora, Lonicera trichogyne, Lonicera codonantha