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Catalogue of Life
Plantae, Tracheophyta, Magnoliopsida, Malvales, Malvaceae, Grewia
Grewia biloba, Grewia flavescens, Grewia similis, Grewia pachycalyx, Grewia schinzii, Grewia asiatica, Grewia occidentalis, Grewia sulcata, Grewia villosa, Grewia flava, Grewia retinervis, Grewia hexamita, Grewia stolzii, Grewia avellana, Grewia crenata, Grewia hornbyi, Grewia brachypoda, Grewia hirsuta, Grewia henryi, Grewia eriocarpa, Grewia concolor, Grewia angustisepala, Grewia humilis, Grewia kwangtungensis, Grewia sessiliflora, Grewia celtidifolia, Grewia chuniana, Grewia lacei, Grewia falcata, Grewia multiflora, Grewia yinkiangensis, Grewia tiliaefolia, Grewia retusifolia, Grewia oligandra, Grewia rhombifolia, Grewia macropetala, Grewia abutilifolia, Grewia permagna, Grewia cuspidato-serrata, Grewia urenifolia, Grewia acuminata