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Catalogue of Life
Plantae, Tracheophyta, Magnoliopsida, Piperales, Piperaceae, Piper
Piper methysticum, Piper marginatum, Piper auritum, Piper jacquemontianum, Piper aduncum, Piper nigrum, Piper umbellatum, Piper reticulatum, Piper peltatum, Piper amalago, Piper betle, Piper longum, Piper angustifolium, Piper blattarum, Piper hispidum, Piper aequale, Piper retrofractum, Piper cubeba, Piper ornatum, Piper lambeauense, Piper mornicola, Piper angustilimbum, Piper guahamense, Piper trigonum, Piper ponapense, Piper glabrescens, Piper swartzianum, Piper dilatatum, Piper longifolium, Piper obliquum, Piper guineense, Piper wallichii, Piper hainanense, Piper submultinerve, Piper dolichostachyum, Piper arunachalensis, Piper hongkongense, Piper bambusifolium, Piper hancei, Piper chandocanum, Piper semiimmersum, Piper flaviflorum, Piper pleiocarpum, Piper stipitiforme, Piper pingbienense, Piper kwashoense, Piper kadsura, Piper taiwanense, Piper mutabile, Piper yinkiangense, Piper laetispicum, Piper polysyphonum, Piper pedicellatum, Piper cathayanum, Piper mischocarpum, Piper kawakamii, Piper wangii, Piper macropodum, Piper tricolor, Piper puberulilimbum, Piper sarmentosum, Piper infossibaccatum, Piper ponesheense, Piper austrosinense, Piper damiaoshanense, Piper yui, Piper rubrum, Piper thomsonii, Piper interruptum, Piper boehmeriifolium, Piper infossum, Piper arborescens, Piper attenuatum, Piper rhytidocarpum, Piper tsengianum, Piper senporeiense, Piper yunnanense, Piper nudibaccatum, Piper suipigua, Piper sintenense, Piper tsangyuanense, Piper chaudocanum, Piper sylvaticum, Piper bonii, Piper lingshuiense, Piper hochiense, Piper chinense, Piper mullesua