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Catalogue of Life
Plantae, Tracheophyta, Magnoliopsida, Ericales, Primulaceae, Ardisia
Ardisia luquillensis, Ardisia solanacea, Ardisia crenata, Ardisia tinifolia, Ardisia elliptica, Ardisia glauciflora, Ardisia humilis, Ardisia crispa, Ardisia obovata, Ardisia escallonioides, Ardisia japonica, Ardisia kusukusensis, Ardisia cornudentata, Ardisia nigropilosa, Ardisia pusilla, Ardisia densilepidotula, Ardisia garrettii, Ardisia hanceana, Ardisia alyxiifolia, Ardisia ordinata, Ardisia porifera, Ardisia dasyrhizomatica, Ardisia villosa, Ardisia replicata, Ardisia balansana, Ardisia maclurei, Ardisia waitakii, Ardisia ramondiiformis, Ardisia conspersa, Ardisia filiformis, Ardisia shweliensis, Ardisia baotingensis, Ardisia violacea, Ardisia primulifolia, Ardisia brunnescens, Ardisia sieboldii, Ardisia verbascifolia, Ardisia ensifolia, Ardisia faberi, Ardisia carnosicaulis, Ardisia scalarinervis, Ardisia pseudocrispa, Ardisia caudata, Ardisia mamillata, Ardisia brevicaulis, Ardisia pedalis, Ardisia pingbienensis, Ardisia gigantifolia, Ardisia crassinervosa, Ardisia merrillii, Ardisia lindleyana, Ardisia corymbifera, Ardisia quinquegona, Ardisia olivacea, Ardisia obtusa, Ardisia maculosa, Ardisia malipoensis, Ardisia thyrsiflora, Ardisia pubivenula, Ardisia omissa, Ardisia aberrans, Ardisia argenticaulis, Ardisia purpureovillosa, Ardisia palysticta, Ardisia hokouensis, Ardisia fordii, Ardisia curvula, Ardisia affinis, Ardisia retroflexa, Ardisia alutacea, Ardisia chinensis