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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Platyhelminthes, Rhabditophora, Seriata, Planariidae, Planaria
Planaria aborensis, Planaria adhaerens, Planaria albocingata, Planaria badia, Planaria barroisi, Planaria bicingulata, Planaria bilineata, Planaria brachycephala, Planaria chulunginensis, Planaria cincinata, Planaria cinerea, Planaria dagarensis, Planaria debilis, Planaria delineata, Planaria fissipara, Planaria fontana, Planaria fuliginosa, Planaria fulvifrons, Planaria fusca, Planaria fuscomaculata, Planaria ignorata, Planaria incerta, Planaria kempi, Planaria laurentiana, Planaria lucta, Planaria macrocephala, Planaria melanocerca, Planaria melanopunctata, Planaria melanotorquis, Planaria pallida, Planaria quadrioculata, Planaria rava, Planaria rothii, Planaria sabussowi, Planaria salina, Planaria savignyi, Planaria semifasciata, Planaria similis, Planaria simplex, Planaria sinensis, Planaria subflava, Planaria tanganyikae, Planaria tiberiensis, Planaria torva, Planaria unionicola, Planaria venusta, Planaria dactyligera, Planaria occulta