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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Hemiptera, Coccoidea, Ortheziidae, Newsteadia
Newsteadia floccosa, Newsteadia americana, Newsteadia australiensis, Newsteadia baloghi, Newsteadia biroi, Newsteadia borhidii, Newsteadia brasiliensis, Newsteadia caledoniensis, Newsteadia trisegmentalis, Newsteadia tropicalis, Newsteadia vasarhelyii, Newsteadia vietnamensis, Newsteadia wacri, Newsteadia zimmermani, Newsteadia costaricaensis, Newsteadia endroedyi, Newsteadia floridensis, Newsteadia gomyi, Newsteadia guadalcanalia, Newsteadia guineensis, Newsteadia gullanae, Newsteadia kanayana, Newsteadia koeroesicsomai, Newsteadia loebli, Newsteadia martini, Newsteadia mauritiana, Newsteadia milleri, Newsteadia minima, Newsteadia monikae, Newsteadia montana, Newsteadia morrisoni, Newsteadia myersi, Newsteadia samoana, Newsteadia succini, Newsteadia susannae, Newsteadia tasmaniensis, Newsteadia topali, Newsteadia tristani, Newsteadia nepalensis, Newsteadia africana, Newsteadia angustilinea, Newsteadia spiraculum, Newsteadia biracemus, Newsteadia multispina, Newsteadia perpauca, Newsteadia scissa, Newsteadia southafricensis, Newsteadia turbinespina, Newsteadia richardae, Newsteadia smetanai, Newsteadia clavata, Newsteadia setosa, Newsteadia bluntlyspina, Newsteadia gergoei, Newsteadia shiaui, Newsteadia chihpena, Newsteadia pinicola