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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Hemiptera, Coccoidea, Pseudococcidae, Dysmicoccus
Dysmicoccus texensis, Dysmicoccus walkeri, Dysmicoccus boninsis, Dysmicoccus brevipes, Dysmicoccus cocotis, Dysmicoccus hilli, Dysmicoccus macrozamiae, Dysmicoccus roseotinctus, Dysmicoccus ryani, Dysmicoccus acaciarum, Dysmicoccus aciculus, Dysmicoccus aggeris, Dysmicoccus amnicola, Dysmicoccus anicus, Dysmicoccus arcanus, Dysmicoccus badachshanicus, Dysmicoccus banksi, Dysmicoccus bispinosus, Dysmicoccus brachydactylus, Dysmicoccus bundooranus, Dysmicoccus busoensis, Dysmicoccus carens, Dysmicoccus casuarinarum, Dysmicoccus comitatus, Dysmicoccus coorongae, Dysmicoccus crassisetosus, Dysmicoccus cucurbitae, Dysmicoccus dactylus, Dysmicoccus darienensis, Dysmicoccus delitescens, Dysmicoccus dengwuensis, Dysmicoccus dennoi, Dysmicoccus desertorum, Dysmicoccus finitimus, Dysmicoccus glandularis, Dysmicoccus hambletoni, Dysmicoccus howrahicus, Dysmicoccus hurdi, Dysmicoccus hylonomus, Dysmicoccus hypogaeus, Dysmicoccus innermongolicus, Dysmicoccus insulae, Dysmicoccus jenniferae, Dysmicoccus jizani, Dysmicoccus kozari, Dysmicoccus laporteae, Dysmicoccus lemmatus, Dysmicoccus lepidii, Dysmicoccus mackenziei, Dysmicoccus mangaianus, Dysmicoccus milleri, Dysmicoccus mollis, Dysmicoccus moundi, Dysmicoccus mundaringae, Dysmicoccus neobrevipes, Dysmicoccus nesophilus, Dysmicoccus notialis, Dysmicoccus ornatus, Dysmicoccus papuanicus, Dysmicoccus pauper, Dysmicoccus perissus, Dysmicoccus pietroi, Dysmicoccus pinicolus, Dysmicoccus polymeris, Dysmicoccus prochilus, Dysmicoccus queenslandianus, Dysmicoccus racemus, Dysmicoccus rapaneae, Dysmicoccus rupestris, Dysmicoccus saustralis, Dysmicoccus senegalensis, Dysmicoccus sylvarum, Dysmicoccus triadus, Dysmicoccus vaccinii, Dysmicoccus vacuatus, Dysmicoccus victorianus, Dysmicoccus waustensis, Dysmicoccus williamsi, Dysmicoccus angustus, Dysmicoccus celmisicola, Dysmicoccus patulae, Dysmicoccus morrisoni, Dysmicoccus ambiguus, Dysmicoccus cameronensis, Dysmicoccus difficilis, Dysmicoccus diodium, Dysmicoccus grassii, Dysmicoccus inquilinus, Dysmicoccus joannesiae, Dysmicoccus junceus, Dysmicoccus kaiensis, Dysmicoccus kazanskyi, Dysmicoccus mcdanieli, Dysmicoccus obesus, Dysmicoccus probrevipes, Dysmicoccus quercicolus, Dysmicoccus radicis, Dysmicoccus shintenensis, Dysmicoccus tibouchinae, Dysmicoccus timberlakei, Dysmicoccus trispinosus, Dysmicoccus viticis, Dysmicoccus wistariae, Dysmicoccus aurantius, Dysmicoccus fimbriatulus, Dysmicoccus formicicola, Dysmicoccus lasii, Dysmicoccus salmonacea, Dysmicoccus merrilli, Dysmicoccus oryzae