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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Hemiptera, Coccoidea, Pseudococcidae, Chorizococcus
Chorizococcus abortivus, Chorizococcus abroniae, Chorizococcus alami, Chorizococcus californicus, Chorizococcus cardosoi, Chorizococcus caribaeus, Chorizococcus coniculus, Chorizococcus coxindex, Chorizococcus discretus, Chorizococcus eriachnis, Chorizococcus fistulosus, Chorizococcus graminis, Chorizococcus graysoni, Chorizococcus interruptus, Chorizococcus lachenaliae, Chorizococcus mireorum, Chorizococcus montius, Chorizococcus nakaharai, Chorizococcus oreophilus, Chorizococcus penultimatus, Chorizococcus polyporus, Chorizococcus psoraleae, Chorizococcus scorzonerae, Chorizococcus senarius, Chorizococcus snellingi, Chorizococcus sorghi, Chorizococcus subalpinus, Chorizococcus talipikanus, Chorizococcus triunfoensis, Chorizococcus variabilis, Chorizococcus wilkeyi, Chorizococcus wilsoni, Chorizococcus yuccae, Chorizococcus aphyllonis, Chorizococcus herbicola, Chorizococcus irishi, Chorizococcus neomexicanus, Chorizococcus indecisus, Chorizococcus bardus, Chorizococcus parietaricola, Chorizococcus pusillus, Chorizococcus altoarcticus, Chorizococcus dentatus, Chorizococcus kandyensis, Chorizococcus shaferi, Chorizococcus socialis, Chorizococcus glandulosus, Chorizococcus setariae, Chorizococcus rostellum