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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Hemiptera, Coccoidea, Cerococcidae, Cerococcus
Cerococcus echinatus, Cerococcus ficoides, Cerococcus fradei, Cerococcus froggatti, Cerococcus gabonensis, Cerococcus gallicolus, Cerococcus indonesiensis, Cerococcus intermedius, Cerococcus javanensis, Cerococcus kalmiae, Cerococcus laniger, Cerococcus lizeri, Cerococcus madagascariensis, Cerococcus michaeli, Cerococcus mirandae, Cerococcus multipororum, Cerococcus oranensis, Cerococcus ornatus, Cerococcus tuberculus, Cerococcus parahybensis, Cerococcus passerinae, Cerococcus perowskiae, Cerococcus philippiae, Cerococcus pileae, Cerococcus pocilliferus, Cerococcus quercus, Cerococcus roseus, Cerococcus royenae, Cerococcus ruber, Cerococcus russellae, Cerococcus steppicus, Cerococcus theydoni, Cerococcus longipilosus, Cerococcus indicus, Cerococcus artemisiae, Cerococcus parrotti, Cerococcus indigoferae, Cerococcus bryoides, Cerococcus alluaudi, Cerococcus punctiferus, Cerococcus eremobius, Cerococcus polyporus, Cerococcus albospicatus, Cerococcus andinus, Cerococcus ankaratrae, Cerococcus asparagi, Cerococcus badius, Cerococcus camarai, Cerococcus catenarius, Cerococcus cistarum, Cerococcus citri, Cerococcus cliffortiae, Cerococcus cycliger, Cerococcus deklei, Cerococcus dumonti, Cerococcus stellatus, Cerococcus baccharidis, Cerococcus corokiae, Cerococcus koebelei, Cerococcus zapotlanus