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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Hemiptera, Coccoidea, Aclerdidae, Aclerda
Aclerda berlesii, Aclerda acuta, Aclerda chiriquiensis, Aclerda chusqueae, Aclerda coganicola, Aclerda constricta, Aclerda distorta, Aclerda ferrisi, Aclerda holci, Aclerda andropogonis, Aclerda ischaemi, Aclerda laeliae, Aclerda longiseta, Aclerda ariditatis, Aclerda manni, Aclerda marylandica, Aclerda mexicana, Aclerda namibensis, Aclerda oaxacaensis, Aclerda orchidicola, Aclerda panici, Aclerda pasquieri, Aclerda phaseoliformis, Aclerda arizonica, Aclerda sacchari, Aclerda santensis, Aclerda sasae, Aclerda sellahispanica, Aclerda signoreti, Aclerda simplicis, Aclerda sinaloaensis, Aclerda smithi, Aclerda subterranea, Aclerda takahashii, Aclerda talahiba, Aclerda texana, Aclerda tillandsiae, Aclerda arundinariae, Aclerda wiltshirei, Aclerda xalapenseae, Aclerda yunnanensis, Aclerda zoysiae, Aclerda californica, Aclerda attenuata, Aclerda digitata, Aclerda obscura, Aclerda balachowskyi, Aclerda tokionis