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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lepturges
Lepturges zikani, Lepturges regularis, Lepturges abditus, Lepturges alboscriptus, Lepturges alvarengai, Lepturges amabilis, Lepturges anceps, Lepturges angulatus, Lepturges angustatus, Lepturges beaveri, Lepturges bucki, Lepturges callinus, Lepturges canocinctus, Lepturges castaneus, Lepturges centralis, Lepturges charicles, Lepturges cinereolus, Lepturges cingillus, Lepturges citrinus, Lepturges complanatus, Lepturges comptus, Lepturges confluens, Lepturges curvilinea, Lepturges dorotheae, Lepturges elegantulus, Lepturges elimata, Lepturges eurynota, Lepturges fasciculatoides, Lepturges festivus, Lepturges fischeri, Lepturges funereus, Lepturges glaphyra, Lepturges gratiosus, Lepturges hahneli, Lepturges hylaeanus, Lepturges infilatus, Lepturges insignis, Lepturges itu, Lepturges janus, Lepturges laeteguttatus, Lepturges limpidus, Lepturges linearis, Lepturges macilentus, Lepturges malkini, Lepturges mattogrossis, Lepturges megalops, Lepturges multilineatus, Lepturges navicularis, Lepturges perelegans, Lepturges peruibensis, Lepturges pictus, Lepturges proximus, Lepturges punctatissimus, Lepturges rhytisma, Lepturges roppai, Lepturges seabrai, Lepturges sejunctimacula, Lepturges serranus, Lepturges sexvittatus, Lepturges singularis, Lepturges spitzi, Lepturges subglaber, Lepturges symmetricus, Lepturges umbrosus, Lepturges unicolor, Lepturges virgatus, Lepturges vogti, Lepturges yucca, Lepturges zonula, Lepturges barii, Lepturges comminus, Lepturges definitus, Lepturges dorsalis, Lepturges epagogus, Lepturges fragillimus, Lepturges fuchsi, Lepturges griseostriatus, Lepturges inscriptus, Lepturges laetus, Lepturges prolatus, Lepturges repandus, Lepturges rotundus, Lepturges scitulus, Lepturges scriptus, Lepturges serenus, Lepturges villiersi, Lepturges virgulti, Lepturges circumscripta, Lepturges maculosus, Lepturges breviceps, Lepturges figuratus, Lepturges soricinus, Lepturges tenuis