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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Closterus
Closterus jordani, Closterus elongatus, Closterus mixtus, Closterus latior, Closterus longior, Closterus breviramis, Closterus ratovosoni, Closterus simplicicornis, Closterus australis, Closterus insularis, Closterus plagiatus, Closterus orientalis, Closterus castaneus, Closterus perplexus, Closterus viettei, Closterus boppei, Closterus lameerei, Closterus giganteus, Closterus depressicornis, Closterus serraticornis, Closterus concisiramis, Closterus wittmeri, Closterus rugosus, Closterus laticornis, Closterus flabellicornis, Closterus leyi, Closterus skidmorei, Closterus popei, Closterus damoiseaui, Closterus sikorai, Closterus ankaranensis, Closterus sogai, Closterus longiramis, Closterus isakensis, Closterus rothschildi, Closterus oculatus, Closterus extensiramis, Closterus grandidieri, Closterus promissiramis, Closterus fossides, Closterus laevis, Closterus striolatus, Closterus denticollis, Closterus gibbicollis