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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Phoracantha
Phoracantha semipunctata, Phoracantha recurva, Phoracantha tuberalis, Phoracantha impavida, Phoracantha princeps, Phoracantha placenta, Phoracantha solida, Phoracantha synonyma, Phoracantha lata, Phoracantha rugithoracica, Phoracantha elegans, Phoracantha flavopicta, Phoracantha laetabilis, Phoracantha perbella, Phoracantha mitchelli, Phoracantha cruciata, Phoracantha complicata, Phoracantha acanthocera, Phoracantha northamensis, Phoracantha manifesta, Phoracantha freyi, Phoracantha montana, Phoracantha grallaria, Phoracantha mastersii, Phoracantha odewahnii, Phoracantha punctipennis, Phoracantha niamata, Phoracantha frenchi, Phoracantha concolor, Phoracantha immaculata, Phoracantha superans, Phoracantha longipennis, Phoracantha multiformis, Phoracantha alternata, Phoracantha porosa, Phoracantha savesi, Phoracantha ancoralis, Phoracantha tricuspis, Phoracantha obscura, Phoracantha punctata, Phoracantha gracilis, Phoracantha tunicata