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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Blattodea, Blaberoidea, Ectobiidae, Anaplecta
Anaplecta mexicana, Anaplecta martini, Anaplecta marshallae, Anaplecta maronensis, Anaplecta malayensis, Anaplecta major, Anaplecta maculifera, Anaplecta lepesmei, Anaplecta lateralis, Anaplecta lamottei, Anaplecta kekilla, Anaplecta karakoush, Anaplecta javanica, Anaplecta japonica, Anaplecta ikonnikovi, Anaplecta humeralis, Anaplecta jari, Anaplecta intermedia, Anaplecta cornea, Anaplecta cincta, Anaplecta zeylanica, Anaplecta xanthopeltis, Anaplecta vittata, Anaplecta villiersi, Anaplecta varipennis, Anaplecta unicolor, Anaplecta transversa, Anaplecta tolteca, Anaplecta thwaitesi, Anaplecta sumatrensis, Anaplecta suffusa, Anaplecta subsignata, Anaplecta srilanka, Anaplecta simplex, Anaplecta saussurei, Anaplecta replicata, Anaplecta rendata, Anaplecta ratnadvipa, Anaplecta pygmaea, Anaplecta pumila, Anaplecta pulchra, Anaplecta pulchella, Anaplecta poecila, Anaplecta pluto, Anaplecta pilatus, Anaplecta peruviana, Anaplecta pavida, Anaplecta pauliani, Anaplecta parviceps, Anaplecta pallida, Anaplecta otomia, Anaplecta omei, Anaplecta obscura, Anaplecta nahua, Anaplecta moxa, Anaplecta mirabilis, Anaplecta minutissima, Anaplecta hileia, Anaplecta hemiscotia, Anaplecta gyrinoides, Anaplecta guianae, Anaplecta guamina, Anaplecta grandipennis, Anaplecta galathea, Anaplecta fusca, Anaplecta fulva, Anaplecta fallax, Anaplecta falcifer, Anaplecta erythronota, Anaplecta elliptica, Anaplecta domestica, Anaplecta dohrniana, Anaplecta dahomensis, Anaplecta conradti, Anaplecta catharinensis, Anaplecta carioca, Anaplecta calosoma, Anaplecta cabimae, Anaplecta brunneri, Anaplecta brachyptera, Anaplecta bolivari, Anaplecta bivittata, Anaplecta biafrae, Anaplecta bella, Anaplecta basalis, Anaplecta balachowskyi, Anaplecta azteca, Anaplecta avicharapura, Anaplecta australiensis, Anaplecta asema, Anaplecta arisanica, Anaplecta analisignata, Anaplecta alvarengaia, Anaplecta alaris