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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Hemiptera, Fulgoroidea, Acanaloniidae, Acanalonia
Acanalonia excavata, Acanalonia fasciata, Acanalonia umbellicauda, Acanalonia varipennis, Acanalonia viequensis, Acanalonia virescens, Acanalonia viridica, Acanalonia viridis, Acanalonia viriditerminata, Acanalonia affinis, Acanalonia albacosta, Acanalonia brevifrons, Acanalonia caelata, Acanalonia chloris, Acanalonia carinata, Acanalonia clypeata, Acanalonia clarionensis, Acanalonia coacta, Acanalonia complanata, Acanalonia concinnula, Acanalonia conica, Acanalonia decens, Acanalonia delicatula, Acanalonia depressa, Acanalonia dubia, Acanalonia ecuadoriensis, Acanalonia gaumeri, Acanalonia grandicella, Acanalonia gundlachi, Acanalonia hadesensis, Acanalonia impressa, Acanalonia inclinata, Acanalonia invenusta, Acanalonia laticosta, Acanalonia laurifolia, Acanalonia lineata, Acanalonia mollicula, Acanalonia ohausi, Acanalonia parva, Acanalonia planata, Acanalonia puella, Acanalonia saltonia, Acanalonia servillei, Acanalonia similis, Acanalonia sublinea, Acanalonia tehuacana, Acanalonia theobromae, Acanalonia tripartita, Acanalonia viridula, Acanalonia humeralis, Acanalonia bivittata, Acanalonia calida, Acanalonia immaculata, Acanalonia plana, Acanalonia pumila, Acanalonia umbraculata, Acanalonia insularis