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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Odontocera
Odontocera baeri, Odontocera margaritacea, Odontocera albicans, Odontocera albitarsis, Odontocera apicalis, Odontocera apicula, Odontocera armipes, Odontocera aurocincta, Odontocera auropilosa, Odontocera bilobata, Odontocera bisulcata, Odontocera buscki, Odontocera chrysostetha, Odontocera clara, Odontocera colon, Odontocera compressipes, Odontocera crocata, Odontocera cylindrica, Odontocera darlingtoni, Odontocera dice, Odontocera dispar, Odontocera exilis, Odontocera fasciata, Odontocera flavicauda, Odontocera flavirostris, Odontocera furcifera, Odontocera fuscicornis, Odontocera globicollis, Odontocera gracilis, Odontocera hilaris, Odontocera hirundipennis, Odontocera josemartii, Odontocera leucothea, Odontocera lineatocollis, Odontocera longipennis, Odontocera malleri, Odontocera mellea, Odontocera melzeri, Odontocera meridiana, Odontocera molorchoides, Odontocera monnei, Odontocera monostigma, Odontocera nevermanni, Odontocera nigriclavis, Odontocera ochracea, Odontocera ornaticollis, Odontocera parallela, Odontocera petiolata, Odontocera poecilopoda, Odontocera punctata, Odontocera pusilla, Odontocera quadrivittata, Odontocera quinquecallosa, Odontocera rugicollis, Odontocera sanguinolenta, Odontocera scabricollis, Odontocera septemtuberculata, Odontocera signatipennis, Odontocera simplex, Odontocera soror, Odontocera subtilis, Odontocera tibialis, Odontocera tridentifera, Odontocera triliturata, Odontocera triplaris, Odontocera trisignata, Odontocera tuberculata, Odontocera tumidicollis, Odontocera typhoeus, Odontocera villosa, Odontocera virgata, Odontocera vittipennis, Odontocera zeteki, Odontocera zikani, Odontocera annulicornis, Odontocera solangeae, Odontocera quiinaphila, Odontocera beneluzi, Odontocera barnouini, Odontocera sabatieri, Odontocera javieri, Odontocera morii, Odontocera nigrovittata