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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Aneflomorpha
Aneflomorpha aculeata, Aneflomorpha arizonica, Aneflomorpha australis, Aneflomorpha cazieri, Aneflomorpha citrana, Aneflomorpha cribellata, Aneflomorpha crinita, Aneflomorpha delongi, Aneflomorpha fisheri, Aneflomorpha giesberti, Aneflomorpha gilana, Aneflomorpha gracilis, Aneflomorpha grandicolle, Aneflomorpha lineare, Aneflomorpha linsleyae, Aneflomorpha luteicornis, Aneflomorpha martini, Aneflomorpha mexicana, Aneflomorpha minuta, Aneflomorpha opacicornis, Aneflomorpha parkeri, Aneflomorpha parowana, Aneflomorpha preclara, Aneflomorpha rectilinea, Aneflomorpha rosaliae, Aneflomorpha ruficollis, Aneflomorpha rufipes, Aneflomorpha seminuda, Aneflomorpha semirufa, Aneflomorpha subpubescens, Aneflomorpha tenuis, Aneflomorpha unispinosa, Aneflomorpha volitans, Aneflomorpha werneri, Aneflomorpha brevipila, Aneflomorpha exilis, Aneflomorpha hovorei, Aneflomorpha longispina, Aneflomorpha longitudinis, Aneflomorpha modica, Aneflomorpha parvipunctata, Aneflomorpha pueblae, Aneflomorpha wappesi