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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Somatidia
Somatidia spinicollis, Somatidia lineifera, Somatidia fulvipes, Somatidia kaszabi, Somatidia metallica, Somatidia villosa, Somatidia fauveli, Somatidia ptinoides, Somatidia pennulata, Somatidia latula, Somatidia waitei, Somatidia convexa, Somatidia ruficornis, Somatidia ampliata, Somatidia helmsi, Somatidia antarctica, Somatidia longipes, Somatidia grandis, Somatidia simplex, Somatidia nodularia, Somatidia picticornis, Somatidia posticalis, Somatidia testacea, Somatidia laevinotata, Somatidia spectabilis, Somatidia angusta, Somatidia costifer, Somatidia websteriana, Somatidia laevior, Somatidia laevithorax, Somatidia halli, Somatidia rufescens, Somatidia flavidorsis, Somatidia maculata, Somatidia suffusa, Somatidia pinguis, Somatidia tenebrica, Somatidia pictipes, Somatidia albicoma, Somatidia terrestre, Somatidia corticola, Somatidia crassipes, Somatidia diversa, Somatidia nitida, Somatidia parvula, Somatidia testudo, Somatidia pulchella, Somatidia aranea, Somatidia australiae, Somatidia pernitida, Somatidia capillosa, Somatidia olliffi, Somatidia tricolor