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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Purpuricenus
Purpuricenus paraxillaris, Purpuricenus axillaris, Purpuricenus dimidiatus, Purpuricenus humeralis, Purpuricenus linsleyi, Purpuricenus opacus, Purpuricenus nicocles, Purpuricenus dalmatinus, Purpuricenus budensis, Purpuricenus globulicollis, Purpuricenus kaehleri, Purpuricenus desfontainii, Purpuricenus tommasoi, Purpuricenus schurmanni, Purpuricenus ferrugineus, Purpuricenus graecus, Purpuricenus renyvonae, Purpuricenus caucasicus, Purpuricenus barbarus, Purpuricenus deyrollei, Purpuricenus nanus, Purpuricenus tsherepanovae, Purpuricenus wachanrui, Purpuricenus talyshensis, Purpuricenus lituratus, Purpuricenus laetus, Purpuricenus spectabilis, Purpuricenus optabilis, Purpuricenus nabateus, Purpuricenus nudicollis, Purpuricenus indus, Purpuricenus longevittatus, Purpuricenus temminckii, Purpuricenus innotatus, Purpuricenus subnotatus, Purpuricenus foraminifer, Purpuricenus montanus, Purpuricenus globiger, Purpuricenus zarudnianus, Purpuricenus chopardi, Purpuricenus decorus, Purpuricenus bipartitus, Purpuricenus frommi, Purpuricenus goetzei, Purpuricenus caputorubens, Purpuricenus cornifrons, Purpuricenus haussknechti, Purpuricenus lameerei, Purpuricenus malaccensis, Purpuricenus nigronotatus, Purpuricenus quadrinotatus, Purpuricenus sanguinolentus, Purpuricenus schaiblei, Purpuricenus kabakovi, Purpuricenus mesopotamicus, Purpuricenus sasanus, Purpuricenus wieneckii, Purpuricenus atromaculatus, Purpuricenus diversithorax