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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Eburia
Eburia aegrota, Eburia aliciae, Eburia albolineata, Eburia bahamicae, Eburia baroni, Eburia bimaculata, Eburia blancaneaui, Eburia bonairensis, Eburia brevicornis, Eburia brevispinis, Eburia brunneicomis, Eburia caymanensis, Eburia championi, Eburia charmata, Eburia cinereopilosa, Eburia cinnamomea, Eburia clara, Eburia concisispinis, Eburia confusa, Eburia consobrina, Eburia cruciata, Eburia cubae, Eburia decemmaculata, Eburia dejeani, Eburia didyma, Eburia distincta, Eburia elegans, Eburia elongata, Eburia fisheri, Eburia haldemani, Eburia inarmata, Eburia inermis, Eburia insulana, Eburia jamaicae, Eburia juanitae, Eburia lanigera, Eburia laticollis, Eburia latispina, Eburia lewisi, Eburia linsleyi, Eburia longicornis, Eburia macrotaenia, Eburia marginalis, Eburia chemsaki, Eburia mutica, Eburia nigrovittata, Eburia octomaculata, Eburia ovicollis, Eburia paraegrota, Eburia pedestris, Eburia pellacia, Eburia perezi, Eburia pilosa, Eburia pinarensis, Eburia portoricensis, Eburia porulosa, Eburia postica, Eburia powelli, Eburia quadrigeminata, Eburia quadrimaculata, Eburia quadrinotata, Eburia ramsdeni, Eburia rufobrunnea, Eburia semipubescens, Eburia sericea, Eburia sexnotata, Eburia sordida, Eburia stigma, Eburia stroheckeri, Eburia submutata, Eburia tetrastalacta, Eburia thoracica, Eburia velmae, Eburia cacapyra, Eburia amabilis, Eburia cinerea, Eburia schusteri, Eburia copei, Eburia crinitus, Eburia frankiei, Eburia giesberti, Eburia hovorei, Eburia maccartyi, Eburia mutata, Eburia ribardoi, Eburia terroni, Eburia pseudostigma, Eburia consobrinoides