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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lasiocercis
Lasiocercis paraperroti, Lasiocercis fasciata, Lasiocercis truncatoides, Lasiocercis catalai, Lasiocercis ochreopicta, Lasiocercis medioflava, Lasiocercis bigibboides, Lasiocercis subbigibboides, Lasiocercis fuscosignatus, Lasiocercis viossati, Lasiocercis ziczac, Lasiocercis nigrosignata, Lasiocercis postfasciata, Lasiocercis tricoloripennis, Lasiocercis parvula, Lasiocercis similis, Lasiocercis affinis, Lasiocercis transversefasciata, Lasiocercis ochreomaculata, Lasiocercis albosignata, Lasiocercis limbolaria, Lasiocercis niveosignata, Lasiocercis bigibba, Lasiocercis villiersi, Lasiocercis posticefasciata, Lasiocercis viridana, Lasiocercis semiarcuata, Lasiocercis perroti, Lasiocercis truncata, Lasiocercis vadoni, Lasiocercis bipenicillata, Lasiocercis ciliata, Lasiocercis madagascariensis, Lasiocercis ochreoapicalis, Lasiocercis rufotibialis, Lasiocercis pilosa, Lasiocercis elegantula, Lasiocercis nigrofasciata, Lasiocercis hovanoides, Lasiocercis nigropunctatus