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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Distenia
Distenia agroides, Distenia angustata, Distenia annulicornis, Distenia carinata, Distenia chaparensis, Distenia cinctipennis, Distenia caerulescens, Distenia columbina, Distenia cyaneipennis, Distenia esmeralda, Distenia fastuosa, Distenia forcipata, Distenia fossulata, Distenia granulipes, Distenia langurioides, Distenia limbata, Distenia macella, Distenia phaeocera, Distenia pilosa, Distenia rufipes, Distenia rugiscapis, Distenia sallaei, Distenia spinipennis, Distenia splendens, Distenia striaticollis, Distenia suturalis, Distenia viridicyanea, Distenia levitemporalis, Distenia heterotarsalis, Distenia samarensis, Distenia gracilis, Distenia dohertii, Distenia dravidiana, Distenia kalidasae, Distenia pryeri, Distenia tonkinea, Distenia femoralis, Distenia mellina, Distenia rufobrunnea, Distenia perforans, Distenia plumbea, Distenia notabilis, Distenia punctulatoides, Distenia dissimilis, Distenia tricostata, Distenia wolongensis, Distenia stenola, Distenia picea, Distenia shennongjiaensis, Distenia tuberosa, Distenia ampliata, Distenia punctulata, Distenia sumatrensis, Distenia nigrosparsa, Distenia dayak, Distenia metallica, Distenia formosana, Distenia sparsepunctata, Distenia bougainvilleana, Distenia pici, Distenia semiflava, Distenia fulvipennis, Distenia dillonorum, Distenia gressitti, Distenia minor, Distenia solangeae, Distenia mermudesi, Distenia charynae, Distenia marcelae, Distenia tavakiliani, Distenia turnbowi, Distenia peninsularis