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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Elaphidion
Elaphidion androsensis, Elaphidion angustatum, Elaphidion bahamicae, Elaphidion bidens, Elaphidion cayamae, Elaphidion clavis, Elaphidion conspersum, Elaphidion costipenne, Elaphidion cristalensis, Elaphidion cryptum, Elaphidion cubae, Elaphidion curacaoae, Elaphidion densevestitum, Elaphidion depressum, Elaphidion tuberculicolle, Elaphidion uncinatum, Elaphidion unispinosum, Elaphidion williamsi, Elaphidion albosignatum, Elaphidion difflatus, Elaphidion elongatum, Elaphidion excelsum, Elaphidion frisevestitum, Elaphidion fullonium, Elaphidion glabratum, Elaphidion glabriusculum, Elaphidion irroratum, Elaphidion jibacoense, Elaphidion knulli, Elaphidion laeve, Elaphidion lanatum, Elaphidion lewisi, Elaphidion linsleyi, Elaphidion manni, Elaphidion mimeticum, Elaphidion mucronatum, Elaphidion niveonotatum, Elaphidion pauropilosum, Elaphidion pseudonomon, Elaphidion quadrituberculatum, Elaphidion rotundipenne, Elaphidion scabricolle, Elaphidion scaramuzzai, Elaphidion splendidum, Elaphidion spinicorne, Elaphidion tectum, Elaphidion thompsoni, Elaphidion tomentosum, Elaphidion pusillum, Elaphidion fracticorne, Elaphidion michelii, Elaphidion mayesae, Elaphidion jamaicensis, Elaphidion auricoma, Elaphidion iviei, Elaphidion nearnsi, Elaphidion wappesi