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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Cylindrepomus
Cylindrepomus elisabethae, Cylindrepomus mantiformis, Cylindrepomus ballerioi, Cylindrepomus albosignatus, Cylindrepomus spinosus, Cylindrepomus aureolineatus, Cylindrepomus rubriceps, Cylindrepomus atropos, Cylindrepomus mucronatus, Cylindrepomus rufofemoratus, Cylindrepomus astyochus, Cylindrepomus cicindeloides, Cylindrepomus peregrinus, Cylindrepomus flavicollis, Cylindrepomus bayanii, Cylindrepomus sexlineatus, Cylindrepomus bivitticollis, Cylindrepomus albomaculatus, Cylindrepomus ysmaeli, Cylindrepomus albicornis, Cylindrepomus albovittatus, Cylindrepomus comis, Cylindrepomus flavosignatus, Cylindrepomus laetus, Cylindrepomus biconjunctus, Cylindrepomus fouqueti, Cylindrepomus viridipennis, Cylindrepomus grammicus, Cylindrepomus bilineatus, Cylindrepomus tricoloripennis, Cylindrepomus flavus, Cylindrepomus flavipennis, Cylindrepomus unguiculata, Cylindrepomus javanicus, Cylindrepomus malaccensis, Cylindrepomus uniformis, Cylindrepomus filiformis, Cylindrepomus albopictus, Cylindrepomus cyaneus, Cylindrepomus bivittipennis, Cylindrepomus enganensis, Cylindrepomus ledus, Cylindrepomus nigrofasciatus