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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Nupserha
Nupserha marginella, Nupserha alexandrovi, Nupserha flavipes, Nupserha basalis, Nupserha homeyeri, Nupserha vanrooni, Nupserha similis, Nupserha nyassensis, Nupserha bidentata, Nupserha rufipennis, Nupserha pararufipennis, Nupserha ugandensis, Nupserha tanganjicae, Nupserha mozambica, Nupserha rhodesica, Nupserha univitticollis, Nupserha parakenyensis, Nupserha kenyensis, Nupserha elongatissima, Nupserha endroedyi, Nupserha sublenita, Nupserha seychellarum, Nupserha vexator, Nupserha schmidi, Nupserha somalica, Nupserha fasciata, Nupserha antennalis, Nupserha flavonotum, Nupserha ornaticollis, Nupserha rotundicollis, Nupserha annulata, Nupserha lenita, Nupserha dubia, Nupserha flavipennis, Nupserha nigriceps, Nupserha fricator, Nupserha fuscoapicalis, Nupserha basipilosa, Nupserha cauta, Nupserha quadrioculata, Nupserha acuta, Nupserha infantula, Nupserha rufulipennis, Nupserha nigrohumeralis, Nupserha variabilis, Nupserha bivittata, Nupserha sexpunctata, Nupserha vitticollis, Nupserha deusta, Nupserha ustulata, Nupserha bicolor, Nupserha fumata, Nupserha nigricornis, Nupserha oxyura, Nupserha punctigera, Nupserha taliana, Nupserha multimaculata, Nupserha malabarensis, Nupserha nitidior, Nupserha minor, Nupserha clypealis, Nupserha tessmanni, Nupserha nigrovittipennis, Nupserha apicata, Nupserha quadricostata, Nupserha convergens, Nupserha mashona, Nupserha pseudoflavinotum, Nupserha elongata, Nupserha longipennis, Nupserha testaceipes, Nupserha madurensis, Nupserha subabbreviata, Nupserha strigicollis, Nupserha pallidipennis, Nupserha sericans, Nupserha tricolor, Nupserha insignis, Nupserha subpuncticollis, Nupserha haddeni, Nupserha brevior, Nupserha antinorii, Nupserha sericea, Nupserha nigrolateralis, Nupserha spinifera, Nupserha infuscata, Nupserha szetschuanica, Nupserha rufobasipennis, Nupserha malaisei, Nupserha ventralis, Nupserha yunnana, Nupserha yunnanensis, Nupserha pseudinfantula, Nupserha tatsienlui, Nupserha thibetana, Nupserha atriceps, Nupserha flavoapicalis, Nupserha conradti, Nupserha nyanzana, Nupserha punctata, Nupserha brachytrita, Nupserha pseudonigriceps, Nupserha hintzi, Nupserha latevitticollis, Nupserha larifuga, Nupserha leroyi, Nupserha cerrutii, Nupserha quadrimaculata, Nupserha melanoscelis, Nupserha aurodiscalis, Nupserha grisea, Nupserha bipunctata, Nupserha antennata, Nupserha perusta, Nupserha perforata, Nupserha trivitticollis, Nupserha bicoloripennis, Nupserha carinicollis, Nupserha rothkirchi, Nupserha nigerrima, Nupserha monticola, Nupserha variicornis, Nupserha gahani, Nupserha gestroi, Nupserha subkenyensis, Nupserha ruficolor, Nupserha nigricollis, Nupserha rufonotaticeps, Nupserha assamana, Nupserha annamana, Nupserha andamanica, Nupserha ceylonica, Nupserha subternigra, Nupserha puncticollis, Nupserha aterrima, Nupserha flavitarsis, Nupserha laticollis, Nupserha producta, Nupserha fuscodorsalis