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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Prionus
Prionus flohri, Prionus hintoni, Prionus howdeni, Prionus mexicanus, Prionus poultoni, Prionus fissicornis, Prionus arenarius, Prionus emarginatus, Prionus integer, Prionus linsleyi, Prionus palparis, Prionus rhodocerus, Prionus simplex, Prionus spinipennis, Prionus aztecus, Prionus batesi, Prionus curticollis, Prionus debilis, Prionus imbricornis, Prionus townsendi, Prionus californicus, Prionus heroicus, Prionus laticollis, Prionus lecontei, Prionus pocularis, Prionus aureopilosus, Prionus coriarius, Prionus insularis, Prionus potaninei, Prionus lameerei, Prionus komiyai, Prionus delavayi, Prionus gahani, Prionus boppei, Prionus laminicornis, Prionus sifanicus, Prionus unilamellatus, Prionus plumicornis, Prionus siskai, Prionus puae, Prionus kucerai, Prionus murzini, Prionus galantiorum, Prionus elegans, Prionus evae, Prionus scabripunctatus, Prionus nakamurai, Prionus sejunctus, Prionus corpulentus, Prionus elliotti, Prionus ohbayashii