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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Dorcadion
Dorcadion striolatum, Dorcadion laeve, Dorcadion shirvanicum, Dorcadion talyschense, Dorcadion dimidiatum, Dorcadion scabricolle, Dorcadion cretosum, Dorcadion nobile, Dorcadion bisignatum, Dorcadion seminudum, Dorcadion bistriatum, Dorcadion gorbunovi, Dorcadion semilucens, Dorcadion cineriferum, Dorcadion indutum, Dorcadion carinatum, Dorcadion fulvum, Dorcadion hybridum, Dorcadion ingeae, Dorcadion aethiops, Dorcadion laevepunctatum, Dorcadion balthasari, Dorcadion maderi, Dorcadion sterbai, Dorcadion lugubre, Dorcadion pseudolugubre, Dorcadion minkovae, Dorcadion thessalicum, Dorcadion valonense, Dorcadion salonicum, Dorcadion albosuturale, Dorcadion pilosellum, Dorcadion etruscum, Dorcadion lineatocolle, Dorcadion pseudolineatocolle, Dorcadion sturmii, Dorcadion pedestre, Dorcadion kozanii, Dorcadion breuningi, Dorcadion olympicum, Dorcadion sapkaianum, Dorcadion gallipolitanum, Dorcadion regulare, Dorcadion purkynei, Dorcadion meschniggi, Dorcadion heyrovskyi, Dorcadion borisi, Dorcadion ljubetense, Dorcadion obenbergeri, Dorcadion kaimakcalanum, Dorcadion macedonicum, Dorcadion glabriscapus, Dorcadion tuleskovi, Dorcadion olympicola, Dorcadion ferruginipes, Dorcadion axillare, Dorcadion arenarioides, Dorcadion arenarium, Dorcadion sericatum, Dorcadion mediterraneum, Dorcadion tauricum, Dorcadion decipiens, Dorcadion murrayi, Dorcadion pilosipenne, Dorcadion cinerarium, Dorcadion panticapaeum, Dorcadion sareptanum, Dorcadion holosericeum, Dorcadion equestre, Dorcadion funestum, Dorcadion chrysochroum, Dorcadion ossae, Dorcadion taborskyi, Dorcadion taygetanum, Dorcadion granigerum, Dorcadion divisum, Dorcadion eugeniae, Dorcadion peloponesium, Dorcadion emgei, Dorcadion zanteanum, Dorcadion insulare, Dorcadion condensatum, Dorcadion veluchense, Dorcadion minutum, Dorcadion pararenarium, Dorcadion lamiae, Dorcadion brenskei, Dorcadion kykladicum, Dorcadion corcyricum, Dorcadion peloponnesicum, Dorcadion parnassi, Dorcadion kr├╝peri, Dorcadion oetalicum, Dorcadion scopolii, Dorcadion elegans, Dorcadion pusillum, Dorcadion litigiosum, Dorcadion ciscaucasicum, Dorcadion albanicum, Dorcadion septemlineatum, Dorcadion buresi, Dorcadion quadrimaculatum, Dorcadion glicyrrhizae, Dorcadion klavdiae, Dorcadion mniszechii, Dorcadion beckeri, Dorcadion haemorrhoidale, Dorcadion apicerufum, Dorcadion danczenkoi, Dorcadion kasikoporanum, Dorcadion kalashiani, Dorcadion argonauta, Dorcadion sulcipenne, Dorcadion caspiense, Dorcadion demokidovi, Dorcadion maljushenkoi, Dorcadion czegodaevi, Dorcadion dokhtouroffi, Dorcadion frustrator, Dorcadion auratum, Dorcadion komarowi, Dorcadion daratshitshagi, Dorcadion sevliczi, Dorcadion glaucum, Dorcadion reitteri, Dorcadion shestopalovi, Dorcadion sodale, Dorcadion rosti, Dorcadion nitidum, Dorcadion wagneri, Dorcadion jacobsoni, Dorcadion morozovi, Dorcadion rufogenuum, Dorcadion kuldschanum, Dorcadion semenovi, Dorcadion crassipes, Dorcadion ganglbaueri, Dorcadion gebleri, Dorcadion cephalotes, Dorcadion songaricum, Dorcadion urdzharicum, Dorcadion abakumovii, Dorcadion alakoliense, Dorcadion tenuelineatum, Dorcadion nikolaevi, Dorcadion acutispinum, Dorcadion nivosum, Dorcadion suvorovi, Dorcadion arietinum, Dorcadion suvorovianum, Dorcadion unidiscale, Dorcadion tschitscherini, Dorcadion kapchagaicus, Dorcadion turkestanicum, Dorcadion irinae, Dorcadion pantherinum, Dorcadion absinthium, Dorcadion ninae, Dorcadion mystacinum, Dorcadion optatum, Dorcadion danilevskyi, Dorcadion tianshanskii, Dorcadion darjae, Dorcadion kastekus, Dorcadion grande, Dorcadion profanifuga, Dorcadion globithorax, Dorcadion pelidnum, Dorcadion toropovi, Dorcadion tibiale, Dorcadion leopardinum, Dorcadion pseudonobile, Dorcadion caprai, Dorcadion ardahense, Dorcadion ladikanum, Dorcadion parinfernale, Dorcadion bouilloni, Dorcadion nigrostriatum, Dorcadion semibrunneum, Dorcadion infernale, Dorcadion ledouxi, Dorcadion pasquieri, Dorcadion carolisturanii, Dorcadion anatolicum, Dorcadion smyrnense, Dorcadion piochardi, Dorcadion abstersum, Dorcadion inspersum, Dorcadion brauni, Dorcadion bremeri, Dorcadion rizeanum, Dorcadion theophilei, Dorcadion urmianum, Dorcadion variegatum, Dorcadion weyersii, Dorcadion escherichi, Dorcadion enricisturanii, Dorcadion lohsei, Dorcadion pararufipenne, Dorcadion petrovitzi, Dorcadion glabrofasciatum, Dorcadion ledereri, Dorcadion triste, Dorcadion parallelum, Dorcadion kurdistanum, Dorcadion turcicum, Dorcadion mesopotamicum, Dorcadion elazigi, Dorcadion czipkai, Dorcadion holzschuhi, Dorcadion paracinerarium, Dorcadion kharpuensis, Dorcadion cingulatum, Dorcadion semiargentatum, Dorcadion sinuatevittatum, Dorcadion multimaculatum, Dorcadion halepense, Dorcadion punctipenne, Dorcadion saulcyi, Dorcadion amanense, Dorcadion arcivagum, Dorcadion merkli, Dorcadion bangi, Dorcadion biforme, Dorcadion bithyniense, Dorcadion blanchardi, Dorcadion bodemeyeri, Dorcadion boluense, Dorcadion brunneicolle, Dorcadion cingulatoides, Dorcadion coiffaiti, Dorcadion complanatum, Dorcadion formosum, Dorcadion brunoi, Dorcadion berytense, Dorcadion hampii, Dorcadion lameeri, Dorcadion libanoticum, Dorcadion obtusum, Dorcadion pluto, Dorcadion preissi, Dorcadion pseudopreissi, Dorcadion pseudobithyniense, Dorcadion pseudocinctellum, Dorcadion pseudoholosericeum, Dorcadion quadripustulatum, Dorcadion rigattii, Dorcadion subatritarse, Dorcadion linderi, Dorcadion rufoapicipenne, Dorcadion scrobicolle, Dorcadion semilineatum, Dorcadion semivelutinum, Dorcadion sinopense, Dorcadion subsericatum, Dorcadion schultzei, Dorcadion accola, Dorcadion albonotatum, Dorcadion turki, Dorcadion ortrudae, Dorcadion cinctellum, Dorcadion wolfi, Dorcadion maceki, Dorcadion menradi, Dorcadion walteri, Dorcadion steineri, Dorcadion blandulus, Dorcadion iconiense, Dorcadion drusum, Dorcadion drusoides, Dorcadion kraetschmeri, Dorcadion martini, Dorcadion ullrichi, Dorcadion irakensis, Dorcadion rolandmenradi, Dorcadion boucardi, Dorcadion stephaniae, Dorcadion sonjae, Dorcadion afflictum, Dorcadion confluens, Dorcadion oezdurali, Dorcadion pavesii, Dorcadion pittinorum, Dorcadion praetermissum, Dorcadion hellmanni, Dorcadion elbursense, Dorcadion subcorpulentum, Dorcadion discomaculatum, Dorcadion parcepunctatum, Dorcadion iranicum, Dorcadion tebrisicum, Dorcadion lineatopunctatum, Dorcadion chopardi, Dorcadion spectabile, Dorcadion boszdaghense, Dorcadion karsense, Dorcadion johannisfranci, Dorcadion xerophilum, Dorcadion crassicolle, Dorcadion vincenzae, Dorcadion moreanum, Dorcadion heldreichii, Dorcadion robustum, Dorcadion deyrollei, Dorcadion pseudinfernale, Dorcadion bulgharmaadense, Dorcadion basale, Dorcadion punctulicolle, Dorcadion impressicolle, Dorcadion glabricolle, Dorcadion subinterruptum, Dorcadion poleti, Dorcadion albicolle, Dorcadion pseudarcivagum, Dorcadion pygmaeum, Dorcadion kindermanni, Dorcadion cachinno, Dorcadion longulum, Dorcadion albolineatum, Dorcadion banjkovskyi, Dorcadion carinipenne, Dorcadion culminicola, Dorcadion gusakovi, Dorcadion holtzi, Dorcadion ispartense, Dorcadion jacovleviellum, Dorcadion janatai, Dorcadion serouensis, Dorcadion koechlini, Dorcadion lodosi, Dorcadion musarti, Dorcadion borochorense, Dorcadion thianshanense, Dorcadion syriense, Dorcadion janssensi, Dorcadion epirense, Dorcadion zhaisanicum, Dorcadion ressli, Dorcadion marandense, Dorcadion kurucanum, Dorcadion subvestitum, Dorcadion discodivisum, Dorcadion nurense, Dorcadion faldermanni, Dorcadion obtusicolle, Dorcadion sisianense, Dorcadion shushense, Dorcadion ponomarenkoi