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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Necydalis
Necydalis acutipennis, Necydalis barbarae, Necydalis cavipennis, Necydalis diversicollis, Necydalis laevicollis, Necydalis mellita, Necydalis rudei, Necydalis gigantea, Necydalis morio, Necydalis pennata, Necydalis solida, Necydalis sachalinensis, Necydalis harmandi, Necydalis collaris, Necydalis major, Necydalis ulmi, Necydalis fujianensis, Necydalis katsuraorum, Necydalis nanshanensis, Necydalis hirayamai, Necydalis esakii, Necydalis shinborii, Necydalis kumei, Necydalis strnadi, Necydalis formosana, Necydalis marginipennis, Necydalis sericella, Necydalis lateralis, Necydalis indica, Necydalis indicola, Necydalis araii, Necydalis moriyai, Necydalis bicolor, Necydalis yakushimensis, Necydalis insulicola, Necydalis inermis, Necydalis maculipennis, Necydalis sabatinellii, Necydalis niisatoi, Necydalis rufiabdominis, Necydalis galloisi, Necydalis itoi, Necydalis uenoi, Necydalis choui, Necydalis atricornis, Necydalis montipanus, Necydalis wakaharai, Necydalis concolor, Necydalis alpinicola, Necydalis mizunumai, Necydalis odai, Necydalis sirexoides, Necydalis nepalense, Necydalis meridionalis, Necydalis oblonga, Necydalis malayanus, Necydalis annectans, Necydalis spissicus, Necydalis ignotus