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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Psyrassa
Psyrassa cribricollis, Psyrassa rufescens, Psyrassa aliena, Psyrassa basicornis, Psyrassa brevicornis, Psyrassa castanea, Psyrassa cylindricollis, Psyrassa ebenina, Psyrassa jaumei, Psyrassa nigricornis, Psyrassa nigripes, Psyrassa nigroaenea, Psyrassa pertenuis, Psyrassa rufofemorata, Psyrassa sallaei, Psyrassa sinaloae, Psyrassa sthenias, Psyrassa subglabra, Psyrassa subpicea, Psyrassa testacea, Psyrassa tympanophora, Psyrassa unicolor, Psyrassa katsurae, Psyrassa levicollis, Psyrassa megalops, Psyrassa chemsaki, Psyrassa linsleyi, Psyrassa oaxacae, Psyrassa meridionalis, Psyrassa angelicae, Psyrassa cerina, Psyrassa clavigera, Psyrassa chamelae, Psyrassa graciliatra, Psyrassa proxima, Psyrassa woodleyi, Psyrassa maesi