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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Pothyne
Pothyne sikkimana, Pothyne laosensis, Pothyne multivittata, Pothyne mouhoti, Pothyne luteomaculata, Pothyne sumatrensis, Pothyne albosternalis, Pothyne laterialba, Pothyne paraterialba, Pothyne griseomarmorata, Pothyne septemvittipennis, Pothyne polyplicata, Pothyne pauloplicata, Pothyne ochracea, Pothyne trivittata, Pothyne luzonica, Pothyne philippinica, Pothyne pseudorufipes, Pothyne biguttula, Pothyne uniformis, Pothyne keyensis, Pothyne acaciae, Pothyne indistincta, Pothyne combreti, Pothyne convexifrons, Pothyne kualabokensis, Pothyne mamutensis, Pothyne sabahensis, Pothyne virgata, Pothyne elongata, Pothyne discomaculata, Pothyne flavostictica, Pothyne stictica, Pothyne distincta, Pothyne subdistincta, Pothyne sericeomaculata, Pothyne albosignata, Pothyne multivittipennis, Pothyne subvittata, Pothyne sikkimensis, Pothyne strigata, Pothyne harmandi, Pothyne strigatoides, Pothyne sumatrana, Pothyne annulicornis, Pothyne capito, Pothyne mindanaonis, Pothyne rugiscapa, Pothyne elongatula, Pothyne longiscapus, Pothyne celebensis, Pothyne niasica, Pothyne vittata, Pothyne femoralis, Pothyne laevifrons, Pothyne celebiana, Pothyne borneotica, Pothyne rufovittata, Pothyne thibetana, Pothyne silacea, Pothyne proxima, Pothyne tenuevittata, Pothyne longipennis, Pothyne formosana, Pothyne annulata, Pothyne albolineata, Pothyne obliquetruncata, Pothyne chocolata, Pothyne fasciata, Pothyne fusiscapa, Pothyne lineolata, Pothyne variegata, Pothyne sinensis, Pothyne rugifrons, Pothyne seriata, Pothyne siporensis, Pothyne suturella, Pothyne pici, Pothyne multilineata, Pothyne ceylonensis, Pothyne indica, Pothyne incerta, Pothyne andamanica, Pothyne macrophthalma, Pothyne malaccensis, Pothyne laeviscapa, Pothyne septemlineata, Pothyne ochreolineata, Pothyne griseolineata, Pothyne burmanensis, Pothyne birmanica, Pothyne variegatoides, Pothyne mimodistincta, Pothyne postcutellaris, Pothyne ochreovittipennis, Pothyne subfemoralis, Pothyne laosica, Pothyne paralaosensis, Pothyne interrupta, Pothyne octovittipennis, Pothyne imasakai, Pothyne lanshuensis, Pothyne virginalis, Pothyne semiaulaconotus, Pothyne alorensis, Pothyne kalaoensis, Pothyne bicolor