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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Stizocera
Stizocera elegantula, Stizocera submetallica, Stizocera atiaia, Stizocera caymanensis, Stizocera dozieri, Stizocera floridana, Stizocera insulana, Stizocera jassuara, Stizocera phtisica, Stizocera poeyi, Stizocera vanzwaluwenburgi, Stizocera wagneri, Stizocera armata, Stizocera armigera, Stizocera bisignata, Stizocera boyi, Stizocera consobrina, Stizocera curacaoae, Stizocera diversispinis, Stizocera fragilis, Stizocera geniculata, Stizocera horni, Stizocera howdeni, Stizocera insolita, Stizocera juati, Stizocera laceyi, Stizocera lissonota, Stizocera longicollis, Stizocera meinerti, Stizocera melanura, Stizocera mojuba, Stizocera nigroapicalis, Stizocera nigroflava, Stizocera pantonyssoides, Stizocera plicicollis, Stizocera plumbea, Stizocera rugicollis, Stizocera seminigra, Stizocera spinicornis, Stizocera sublaevigata, Stizocera tristis, Stizocera jamaicensis, Stizocera suturalis, Stizocera delicata, Stizocera ichilo, Stizocera asyka, Stizocera daudini, Stizocera punctatissima, Stizocera kawensis, Stizocera debilis