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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Rhaphuma
Rhaphuma gracilipes, Rhaphuma diminuta, Rhaphuma reticulata, Rhaphuma rassei, Rhaphuma superba, Rhaphuma barriesi, Rhaphuma fulgurata, Rhaphuma nishidai, Rhaphuma testaceiceps, Rhaphuma aranea, Rhaphuma joshii, Rhaphuma suthra, Rhaphuma aperta, Rhaphuma constricta, Rhaphuma herminae, Rhaphuma querciphaga, Rhaphuma desaii, Rhaphuma amamiensis, Rhaphuma sharmai, Rhaphuma quadricolor, Rhaphuma campanulifera, Rhaphuma semiclathrata, Rhaphuma brodskyi, Rhaphuma maceki, Rhaphuma rybniceki, Rhaphuma strnadi, Rhaphuma improba, Rhaphuma indifferens, Rhaphuma gilvitarsis, Rhaphuma puncticollis, Rhaphuma paucis, Rhaphuma krali, Rhaphuma excisa, Rhaphuma consona, Rhaphuma encausta, Rhaphuma tenerrima, Rhaphuma torrida, Rhaphuma tertia, Rhaphuma inusta, Rhaphuma steinkae, Rhaphuma decora, Rhaphuma teres, Rhaphuma rhea, Rhaphuma elegantula, Rhaphuma tenuigrisea, Rhaphuma chewi, Rhaphuma conformis, Rhaphuma histrio, Rhaphuma argentogrisea, Rhaphuma diana, Rhaphuma unigena, Rhaphuma frustrata, Rhaphuma afflata, Rhaphuma bhaktai, Rhaphuma chatterjeei, Rhaphuma anopla, Rhaphuma moerens, Rhaphuma phiale, Rhaphuma ilsae, Rhaphuma eleodes, Rhaphuma kantiae, Rhaphuma elongata, Rhaphuma binotata, Rhaphuma mucosa, Rhaphuma lutarella, Rhaphuma farinosula, Rhaphuma aequalis, Rhaphuma duplex, Rhaphuma falx, Rhaphuma illicata, Rhaphuma improvisa, Rhaphuma lanzhui, Rhaphuma brigittae, Rhaphuma retrofasciata, Rhaphuma signata, Rhaphuma atrata, Rhaphuma bivittata, Rhaphuma connexa, Rhaphuma subvarimaculata, Rhaphuma virens, Rhaphuma pieli, Rhaphuma manipurensis, Rhaphuma pingana, Rhaphuma externesignata, Rhaphuma weigeli, Rhaphuma lubricula, Rhaphuma incarinata, Rhaphuma pseudominuta, Rhaphuma clarina, Rhaphuma luteopubens, Rhaphuma clermonti, Rhaphuma nigrolineata, Rhaphuma horsfieldii, Rhaphuma interrupta, Rhaphuma atrosignata, Rhaphuma insignaticollis, Rhaphuma vagesignata, Rhaphuma minuta, Rhaphuma diversevittata, Rhaphuma impressiceps, Rhaphuma albosignata, Rhaphuma bimaculata, Rhaphuma placida, Rhaphuma sexnotata, Rhaphuma sabahensis, Rhaphuma rubromaculata, Rhaphuma theryi, Rhaphuma quinquenotata, Rhaphuma klapperichi, Rhaphuma circumscripta, Rhaphuma ustulatula, Rhaphuma albicolon, Rhaphuma comosella, Rhaphuma binhensis, Rhaphuma praeusta, Rhaphuma quadrimaculata, Rhaphuma acrocarpi, Rhaphuma quercus, Rhaphuma salemensis, Rhaphuma albonotata, Rhaphuma anongi, Rhaphuma baibarae, Rhaphuma bicolorifemoralis, Rhaphuma delicata, Rhaphuma disconotata, Rhaphuma diversipennis, Rhaphuma eleodina, Rhaphuma elongata, Rhaphuma hooraiana, Rhaphuma laosica, Rhaphuma limaticollis, Rhaphuma maculata, Rhaphuma mekonga, Rhaphuma minima, Rhaphuma mushana, Rhaphuma nigrocincta, Rhaphuma ogatai, Rhaphuma patkaina, Rhaphuma pictiventris, Rhaphuma pseudobinhensis, Rhaphuma quintini, Rhaphuma ruficollis, Rhaphuma tricolor, Rhaphuma testaceicolor, Rhaphuma xenisca, Rhaphuma trimaculata, Rhaphuma suturalis, Rhaphuma trinalba, Rhaphuma trinotata, Rhaphuma rufobasalis, Rhaphuma innotata, Rhaphuma bicolor, Rhaphuma grisescens, Rhaphuma vittata, Rhaphuma fucosa, Rhaphuma shelfordi, Rhaphuma wiedemanni, Rhaphuma barbouri, Rhaphuma contiguaria, Rhaphuma sulphurea