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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Phytoecia
Phytoecia circumdata, Phytoecia pilosicollis, Phytoecia cylindrica, Phytoecia nigricornis, Phytoecia icterica, Phytoecia caerulea, Phytoecia algirica, Phytoecia pustulata, Phytoecia virgula, Phytoecia vulneris, Phytoecia rufipes, Phytoecia acridula, Phytoecia subannularis, Phytoecia pubescens, Phytoecia erythrocnema, Phytoecia geniculata, Phytoecia annulicornis, Phytoecia ferrea, Phytoecia cinctipennis, Phytoecia sareptana, Phytoecia guilleti, Phytoecia testaceolimbata, Phytoecia punctipennis, Phytoecia albosuturalis, Phytoecia pici, Phytoecia erivanica, Phytoecia stenostoloides, Phytoecia rufiventris, Phytoecia croceipes, Phytoecia haroldii, Phytoecia fuscolateralis, Phytoecia manicata, Phytoecia sikkimensis, Phytoecia rufovittipennis, Phytoecia modesta, Phytoecia akbesiana, Phytoecia nigriventris, Phytoecia kolbei, Phytoecia mongolorum, Phytoecia behen, Phytoecia kabateki, Phytoecia nepheloides, Phytoecia katarinae, Phytoecia asiatica, Phytoecia rabatensis, Phytoecia gaubilii, Phytoecia vaulogeri, Phytoecia nausicae, Phytoecia truncatipennis, Phytoecia pseudosomereni, Phytoecia flavipes, Phytoecia sylvatica, Phytoecia somereni, Phytoecia pseudafricana, Phytoecia nigrohumeralis, Phytoecia basilewskyi, Phytoecia atrohumeralis, Phytoecia atripennis, Phytoecia analis, Phytoecia annulipes, Phytoecia luteovittigera, Phytoecia bangi, Phytoecia bodemeyeri, Phytoecia testaceovittata, Phytoecia coeruleomicans, Phytoecia centaureae, Phytoecia aenigmatica, Phytoecia kukunorensis, Phytoecia griseola, Phytoecia coeruleipennis, Phytoecia atripes, Phytoecia anatolica, Phytoecia parvula, Phytoecia marki, Phytoecia approximata, Phytoecia bruneicollis, Phytoecia lahoulensis, Phytoecia valentinae