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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Eburodacrys
Eburodacrys gigas, Eburodacrys alini, Eburodacrys amazonica, Eburodacrys asperula, Eburodacrys assimilis, Eburodacrys callixantha, Eburodacrys campestris, Eburodacrys coalescens, Eburodacrys costai, Eburodacrys crassimana, Eburodacrys curialis, Eburodacrys decipiens, Eburodacrys dubitata, Eburodacrys eburioides, Eburodacrys elegantula, Eburodacrys flexuosa, Eburodacrys fortunata, Eburodacrys granipennis, Eburodacrys havanensis, Eburodacrys hesperidis, Eburodacrys hirsutula, Eburodacrys laevicornis, Eburodacrys lancinata, Eburodacrys lanei, Eburodacrys laticlavia, Eburodacrys lenkoi, Eburodacrys lepida, Eburodacrys longilineata, Eburodacrys luederwaldti, Eburodacrys lugubris, Eburodacrys mancula, Eburodacrys megaspilota, Eburodacrys monticola, Eburodacrys nemorivaga, Eburodacrys notula, Eburodacrys obscura, Eburodacrys perspicillaris, Eburodacrys pilicornis, Eburodacrys puella, Eburodacrys punctipennis, Eburodacrys quadridens, Eburodacrys raripila, Eburodacrys rhabdota, Eburodacrys rufispinis, Eburodacrys sanguinipes, Eburodacrys seabrai, Eburodacrys seminigra, Eburodacrys sexguttata, Eburodacrys sexmaculata, Eburodacrys stahli, Eburodacrys sticticollis, Eburodacrys sulfurifera, Eburodacrys sulphureosignata, Eburodacrys superba, Eburodacrys triocellata, Eburodacrys truncata, Eburodacrys tuberosa, Eburodacrys vespertina, Eburodacrys vittata, Eburodacrys trilineata, Eburodacrys vidua, Eburodacrys martinezi, Eburodacrys eurytibialis, Eburodacrys prolixa, Eburodacrys rubicunda, Eburodacrys pumila, Eburodacrys bilineata, Eburodacrys catarina, Eburodacrys gaucha, Eburodacrys pinima, Eburodacrys moruna, Eburodacrys cunusaia, Eburodacrys guttata, Eburodacrys apua, Eburodacrys xirica, Eburodacrys silviamariae, Eburodacrys putia, Eburodacrys ayri, Eburodacrys crassipes, Eburodacrys inaequalis, Eburodacrys amabilis, Eburodacrys errata, Eburodacrys translucida, Eburodacrys fraterna