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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Stictoleptura
Stictoleptura canadensis, Stictoleptura pallidipennis, Stictoleptura nadezhdae, Stictoleptura deyrollei, Stictoleptura apicalis, Stictoleptura cardinalis, Stictoleptura heydeni, Stictoleptura dichroa, Stictoleptura variicornis, Stictoleptura fontenayi, Stictoleptura oblongomaculata, Stictoleptura cordigera, Stictoleptura trisignata, Stictoleptura erythroptera, Stictoleptura slamai, Stictoleptura tonsa, Stictoleptura rufa, Stictoleptura fulva, Stictoleptura hybrida, Stictoleptura pallens, Stictoleptura picticornis, Stictoleptura maculicornis, Stictoleptura ondreji, Stictoleptura tesserula, Stictoleptura scutellata, Stictoleptura stragulata, Stictoleptura otini, Stictoleptura sambucicola, Stictoleptura pyrrha, Stictoleptura tangeriana, Stictoleptura tripartita, Stictoleptura excisipes, Stictoleptura benjamini, Stictoleptura simplonica, Stictoleptura ustulata, Stictoleptura igai, Stictoleptura antiqua, Stictoleptura bartoniana, Stictoleptura rubripennis, Stictoleptura palmi, Stictoleptura gevneensis, Stictoleptura gladiatrix, Stictoleptura ivoroberti