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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Gorybia
Gorybia picturata, Gorybia pilosa, Gorybia procera, Gorybia proxima, Gorybia pusilla, Gorybia reclusa, Gorybia ruficauda, Gorybia rugosa, Gorybia semiopaca, Gorybia senticosa, Gorybia separata, Gorybia simplicior, Gorybia stomias, Gorybia suturella, Gorybia thoracica, Gorybia tibialis, Gorybia umbella, Gorybia veneficella, Gorybia zonula, Gorybia acuta, Gorybia adiaphora, Gorybia alboapex, Gorybia apatheia, Gorybia armata, Gorybia calcitrapa, Gorybia castanea, Gorybia chontalensis, Gorybia echinata, Gorybia hirsutella, Gorybia instita, Gorybia invicta, Gorybia lissonota, Gorybia maculosa, Gorybia martes, Gorybia minima, Gorybia orygma, Gorybia pallida, Gorybia palpalis, Gorybia montana, Gorybia quadrispinosa, Gorybia rondonia, Gorybia bahiensis, Gorybia bispinosa, Gorybia amazonensis, Gorybia sulcata