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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Perissus
Perissus kiusiuensis, Perissus angusticinctus, Perissus asperatus, Perissus arisanus, Perissus mutabilis, Perissus magdalenae, Perissus scutellatus, Perissus pacholatkoi, Perissus rhabdotus, Perissus tsutsumii, Perissus demonacoides, Perissus intersectus, Perissus declaratus, Perissus multifenestratus, Perissus trabealis, Perissus rubricollis, Perissus perfluus, Perissus fuliginosus, Perissus aemulus, Perissus wenroncheni, Perissus delectus, Perissus fairmairei, Perissus fulvopictus, Perissus griseus, Perissus indistinctus, Perissus kankauensis, Perissus kiangsuensis, Perissus laetus, Perissus luteonotatus, Perissus paulonotatus, Perissus rhaphumoides, Perissus thibetanus, Perissus rayus, Perissus elongatus, Perissus biluteofasciatus, Perissus mimicus, Perissus quadrimaculatus, Perissus alticollis, Perissus dilatus, Perissus atronotatus, Perissus kimi, Perissus crassicollis, Perissus dalbergiae, Perissus delerei, Perissus quercus, Perissus ogasawarensis, Perissus hooraianus, Perissus latepubens, Perissus aper, Perissus chatterjeei, Perissus dohertii, Perissus myops, Perissus nilgiriensis, Perissus parvulus, Perissus persimilis, Perissus sinho, Perissus x-littera, Perissus globithorax, Perissus griseofasciatus, Perissus chapaanus, Perissus ruficornis, Perissus albobifasciatus, Perissus testaceoapicalis, Perissus granulithorax, Perissus apicicornis, Perissus variesignatus, Perissus luteofasciatus, Perissus bauhiniae, Perissus glaucinus, Perissus trizonatus, Perissus grallarius, Perissus antennatus, Perissus cinericius, Perissus confertus, Perissus pulcherrimus, Perissus andreae