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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Parastrangalis
Parastrangalis emotoi, Parastrangalis nymphula, Parastrangalis lesnei, Parastrangalis shikokensis, Parastrangalis subapicalis, Parastrangalis dalihodi, Parastrangalis ascita, Parastrangalis diffluata, Parastrangalis phantoma, Parastrangalis potanini, Parastrangalis crebrepunctata, Parastrangalis lineigera, Parastrangalis inarmata, Parastrangalis protensa, Parastrangalis palpalis, Parastrangalis negligens, Parastrangalis sculptilis, Parastrangalis munda, Parastrangalis oberthuri, Parastrangalis impressa, Parastrangalis congesta, Parastrangalis eucera, Parastrangalis communis, Parastrangalis pallescens, Parastrangalis insignis, Parastrangalis palleago, Parastrangalis shaowuensis, Parastrangalis houhensis, Parastrangalis mitonoi, Parastrangalis lateristriata, Parastrangalis meridionalis, Parastrangalis puliensis, Parastrangalis nakamurai, Parastrangalis ishigakiensis, Parastrangalis jaroslavi, Parastrangalis vicinula, Parastrangalis platyfasciata, Parastrangalis testaceicornis, Parastrangalis aurigena, Parastrangalis lineigeroides, Parastrangalis tristicula, Parastrangalis ambigua, Parastrangalis bisbidentata, Parastrangalis andrei, Parastrangalis consortaria, Parastrangalis madarici, Parastrangalis interruptevittata, Parastrangalis distinguenda, Parastrangalis taiwanensis, Parastrangalis parva, Parastrangalis intrusa