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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Stenhomalus
Stenhomalus bicolor, Stenhomalus bilocularis, Stenhomalus punctatum, Stenhomalus lateralis, Stenhomalus unicolor, Stenhomalus kusakabeorum, Stenhomalus fenestratus, Stenhomalus cleroides, Stenhomalus japonicus, Stenhomalus incongruus, Stenhomalus odai, Stenhomalus kumaso, Stenhomalus nigerrimus, Stenhomalus ater, Stenhomalus nugalis, Stenhomalus complicatus, Stenhomalus taiwanus, Stenhomalus cephalotes, Stenhomalus versicolor, Stenhomalus mecops, Stenhomalus togoensis, Stenhomalus sexmaculatus, Stenhomalus ogoouensis, Stenhomalus duffyi, Stenhomalus basilewskyi, Stenhomalus ghesquierei, Stenhomalus couturieri, Stenhomalus clarinus, Stenhomalus ornatrix, Stenhomalus humilis, Stenhomalus kubani, Stenhomalus pallidus, Stenhomalus saleuicola, Stenhomalus overbecki, Stenhomalus horarius, Stenhomalus longicornis, Stenhomalus sericeus, Stenhomalus wakejimaorum, Stenhomalus eggeri, Stenhomalus murzini, Stenhomalus nagaoi, Stenhomalus baibarensis, Stenhomalus coomani, Stenhomalus ruficollis, Stenhomalus satoi, Stenhomalus takaosanus, Stenhomalus werneri, Stenhomalus y-pallidum, Stenhomalus suturalis, Stenhomalus taoi, Stenhomalus foveipennis, Stenhomalus translucidus, Stenhomalus v-fuscum, Stenhomalus rajaampatensis, Stenhomalus komiyai, Stenhomalus figuratus, Stenhomalus tetricus, Stenhomalus erythrothorax, Stenhomalus ohmomoi, Stenhomalus carbonarius, Stenhomalus flavicollis, Stenhomalus tanzaniensis, Stenhomalus nanellus