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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Arachnida, Solifugae, Daesiidae, Biton
Biton adamanteus, Biton arenicola, Biton bellulus, Biton bernardi, Biton betschuanicus, Biton browni, Biton brunneus, Biton brunnipes, Biton cataractus, Biton crassidens, Biton cursorius, Biton divaricatus, Biton ehrenbergi, Biton fallax, Biton fessanus, Biton fuscipes, Biton fuscus, Biton gaerdesi, Biton gariesensis, Biton haackei, Biton habereri, Biton hottentottus, Biton kolbei, Biton kraekolbei, Biton laminatus, Biton leipoldti, Biton lineatus, Biton lividus, Biton longisetosus, Biton magnifrons, Biton monodentatus, Biton mossambicus, Biton namaqua, Biton ovambicus, Biton pallidus, Biton pearsoni, Biton persicus, Biton philbyi, Biton pimenteli, Biton planirostris, Biton ragazzii, Biton rhodesianus, Biton roeweri, Biton rossicus, Biton sabulosus, Biton schreineri, Biton schultzei, Biton simoni, Biton striatus, Biton subulatus, Biton tarabulus, Biton tauricus, Biton tenuifalcis, Biton tigrinus, Biton transvaalensis, Biton triseriatus, Biton truncatidens, Biton tunetanus, Biton turkestanus, Biton vachoni, Biton velox, Biton villiersi, Biton villosus, Biton werneri, Biton wicki, Biton zederbaueri, Biton schelkovnikovi, Biton xerxes