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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Plagithmysus
Plagithmysus bilineatus, Plagithmysus funebris, Plagithmysus varians, Plagithmysus swezeyanus, Plagithmysus terry, Plagithmysus forbesii, Plagithmysus haasii, Plagithmysus bridwelli, Plagithmysus swezeyellus, Plagithmysus longicollis, Plagithmysus davisi, Plagithmysus decorus, Plagithmysus swezeyi, Plagithmysus polysticus, Plagithmysus ignotus, Plagithmysus paludis, Plagithmysus forbesianus, Plagithmysus rubi, Plagithmysus nihoae, Plagithmysus muiri, Plagithmysus kohalae, Plagithmysus sharpianus, Plagithmysus dubautianus, Plagithmysus cheirodendri, Plagithmysus koaiae, Plagithmysus nicotianae, Plagithmysus kraussi, Plagithmysus koae, Plagithmysus yoshimotoi, Plagithmysus usingeri, Plagithmysus metrosideri, Plagithmysus decurrensae, Plagithmysus rusticus, Plagithmysus filipes, Plagithmysus acaciae, Plagithmysus dubautiae, Plagithmysus wattleae, Plagithmysus koebelei, Plagithmysus microgaster, Plagithmysus attenuatus, Plagithmysus pulverulentus, Plagithmysus permundus, Plagithmysus aequalis, Plagithmysus concolor, Plagithmysus elegans, Plagithmysus vitticollis, Plagithmysus newelli, Plagithmysus solitarius, Plagithmysus fractus, Plagithmysus finschi, Plagithmysus cuneatus, Plagithmysus albertisi, Plagithmysus aestivus, Plagithmysus giffardi, Plagithmysus perkinsi, Plagithmysus sulphurescens, Plagithmysus simplicicollis, Plagithmysus diana, Plagithmysus bishopi, Plagithmysus vicinus, Plagithmysus collaris, Plagithmysus pulvillatus, Plagithmysus lanaiensis, Plagithmysus darwinianus, Plagithmysus blackburni, Plagithmysus lamarckianus, Plagithmysus annectens, Plagithmysus laticollis, Plagithmysus abnormis, Plagithmysus immundus, Plagithmysus pennatus, Plagithmysus nodifer, Plagithmysus longipes, Plagithmysus modestus, Plagithmysus obscurus, Plagithmysus debilis, Plagithmysus claviger, Plagithmysus ultimus, Plagithmysus fragilis, Plagithmysus mediocris, Plagithmysus euphorbiae, Plagithmysus frater, Plagithmysus platydesmae, Plagithmysus simillimus, Plagithmysus kuhnsi, Plagithmysus molokaiensis, Plagithmysus pipturicola, Plagithmysus podagricus, Plagithmysus timberlakei, Plagithmysus superstes, Plagithmysus smilacis, Plagithmysus indecens, Plagithmysus kainaluensis, Plagithmysus atricolor, Plagithmysus pulchrior, Plagithmysus geranii, Plagithmysus mezoneuri, Plagithmysus raillardiae, Plagithmysus dodonaeae, Plagithmysus lookii, Plagithmysus eugeniae, Plagithmysus jacobii, Plagithmysus hoikuahiwi, Plagithmysus chenopodii, Plagithmysus speculifer, Plagithmysus peleae, Plagithmysus peleanus, Plagithmysus perrottetiae, Plagithmysus sugawai, Plagithmysus montgomeryi, Plagithmysus greenwelli, Plagithmysus kahului, Plagithmysus hoawae, Plagithmysus pittospori, Plagithmysus rebeccae, Plagithmysus urerae, Plagithmysus akoko, Plagithmysus kawauae, Plagithmysus ilicis, Plagithmysus ukulele, Plagithmysus hardyi, Plagithmysus smilacivorus, Plagithmysus bidensae, Plagithmysus dodonaeavorus, Plagithmysus alani, Plagithmysus sylvai, Plagithmysus pipturi, Plagithmysus mauiensis, Plagithmysus laui, Plagithmysus medeirosi