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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Callidium
Callidium angustipennis, Callidium antennatum, Callidium californicum, Callidium cicatricosum, Callidium duodecimsignatum, Callidium frigidum, Callidium fulvicolle, Callidium hoppingi, Callidium juniperi, Callidium leechi, Callidium powelli, Callidium pseudotsugae, Callidium schotti, Callidium sempervirens, Callidium sequoiarium, Callidium texanum, Callidium vandykei, Callidium violaceipenne, Callidium violaceum, Callidium viridocyaneum, Callidium bifasciatum, Callidium biguttatum, Callidium coriaceum, Callidium aeneum, Callidium chlorizans, Callidium hengduanum, Callidium kuratai, Callidium syriacum, Callidium scutellare, Callidium subcostatum, Callidium libani, Callidium cedri, Callidium brevicorne, Callidium piceonotatum, Callidium viridicolle, Callidium faber, Callidium subtuberculatus, Callidium asaemoides, Callidium morosum, Callidium rubeocolle